Blogs I Love

I love discovering new quilty blogs. So although I have a Bloglovin list as long as your arm and then some, the list I've made below primarily consists of blogs that are perhaps not on everyone's list so you get a chance to discover new blogs too.

(I'm also going to mix this up from time to time so if you saw your blog here and then it disappeared, I'm giving it a short break from public airing)

Last updated February 2014

Ahhh Quilting
Archie The Wonder Dog
Blue Elephant Stitches
Bryan House Quilts
Canadian Abroad
Displacement Activity
Gone Aussie Quilting
Greenleaf Goods
Kitchen Table Quilting
Life's Rich Pattern

Magnolia Bay Quilts
Material Obsession
Millions of thoughts trapped in my head
Molly Flanders 
Needle and Spatula 
No Hats In The House

Pickle Dish 
Pins & Bobbins
Plum and June
Poppy Makes

Sewing under rainbow 

She can quilt
Sparrow Lane Quilts
Teaginny Designs
Tessellation Nation
The Elven Garden
The Enchanted Bobbin
The Girl Who Quilts 
The Windy Side
100 Billion Stars


  1. Ooooo, thanks so much for including me on your list! And also for pointing me to some lovely blogs that are new to me (which is always great fun).

  2. What a wonderful collection of blogs.

  3. Thanks for this list, there are a few on here that I'm not familiar with. And thanks for including me, it means a lot!

  4. That's a great idea to mix it round. I'm going to visit a few of these! Thanks!

  5. Love the quilting! Well done!

  6. What a neat idea. Thanks for including me. :)


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