Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Take one jelly roll and one charm pack


Cut them up and sew them back together...
But it's not all plain sailing because while machine quilting, the top thread keeps breaking and despite continually flattening out the spray basted quilt, some puckering has occured. This is the less than perfect quilt back where you can see where I've had some stitch bunching at the back.

I tried everything - adjusting the tension, changing the needle, going slower, thinking nice thoughts and nothing worked. I have the same thread in the top and in the bobbin. I have a Bernina with the BSR and if I'm honest, it doesn't keep even stitches. I start off with all good intentions of doing some nice straight line quilting and then woosh, foot hits the pedal and I'm off at the controls of what feels like an out-of-control lawnmower and in this case, a top thread that kept breaking. Anyone else had this problem, or even better, anyone have the solution?


  1. 3 things:
    Clear out fluff (take out the throat plate)
    Change to a thinner bobin thread (or polyester)
    Use All-Purpose Sewer's Aid on everything, but sparingly

    http://www.cottondreams.co.uk/acatalog/Note.html (look at the bottom, they are out of stock, but at least you know what to look for) I have got some too.

  2. Agreed, I find I have to be really careful what thread I have in the bobbin. If I use a thicker thread on top I can't have it underneath so I tend to use my piecing thread there and it goes okay. Especially if I am free motion quilting. I'm not great and testing out before I start, but I've learnt the lession to also do a sample of my threads before each quilt.


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