Wednesday 29 February 2012

Continuing with curves

Having been caught short with no quilt to give for a 4 1/2 week early baby girl, I needed to make something quick so managed to make this one over a little more than a weekend.

My weekends are snatched hours here and there so don't be under the misguided illusion that this is a whole weekend's worth of quilt.

It's not.
It would probably be very doable in one whole day of uninterrupted quilting bliss.

Actually, I'm just going to go off-topic here by saying you know your children are growing up when you go to download the pictures off your camera to the computer and you are convinced that there are only quilt pictures on there until up pops this on your computer screen:

And very nice they were too

 I used Jenny's curved ruler again. Just looked at the three YouTube videos she has on her blog and sort of went from there really.

Had to be pink.

Thought it was slightly too safe with the same pink for the background so did alternating rows of two different coloured pinks.

And because I used a pink fabric with black writing, thought that gave me the green light to use a black and white spotty dotty fabric for the binding.

Used another one of my quilt labels again
The back is a piece of flannel which just feels so soft and snugglesome.

And spring has sprung in this corner of the world.

Look closely at the beige fabric which curves round the centre fabrics. Too kitsch and not 'me' any more but definitely usable when added to more contemporary fabrics.

The fog has now lifted with a welcome return of the sun.

Just got to snip all the loose threads off this evening and then off it goes to its new owner.

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  1. Fabulous in pink! Love all your fabrics!

  2. That's gorgeous! I'm thinking of buying that ruler - do you recommend it?

  3. It`s truly gorgeous - I love the pinks, which are quite grownup and kind of boudoir-some or perhaps it`s the curves, but it`s gorgeous. I love the quilting and well I just love. I have the same question - am really wanting to order the ruler. Should I?

  4. I like how you varied the background pink. Can't wait to use my Curve Ruler again - It's the best invention out there lately and this adorable quilt is testimony of that!

  5. Fun! *Love* that spotty binding. :)

  6. Perfectly pink - glad the fog fogged off x

  7. This is so pretty :) I'd love to get one of those rulers.

  8. I'm just going to say Wow !

  9. That is a beautiful little quilt for a new baby. I have ordered the ruler, it looks like a lot of fun to use.

  10. I've had my eye on that ruler for a while now! Fab results. Jxo

  11. How cheery. I am digging the pink. May have to get that ruler, have been eyeing it up......

  12. it's wonderful!!! I am so afraid of curves ; (

  13. It's wonderful!! Love the binding you chose and the alternating pink background is a great idea! Glad the fog's gone!

  14. pink and curvy, as ladies are ...
    Love the quilt and love that tape
    Have to contact lillalotta!
    Thanks for that tip


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