Friday, 19 April 2013

A winner and some Mermaid's Purses

 So getting down to business from the previous post. The winner of the Oakshott Cottons is

Which was:

I like that you won.
I am really sad about everything that has happened where you live.

I'll email you for your address.

Meanwhile, I've been in finishing up mode.

This quilt came about because I volunteered to pattern test for Helen, sister of Quick Curve Ruler maker, Jenny. It's one of those rulers that seems to produce endless design possibilities.

I finished the top end of September last year.

I'd used quite a bit of 100% linen (look on Ebay...there are always off-cuts knocking around) in the background squares and felt it might be a bit slippery to machine quilt it all. I was also looking for slow burn 'something to do in the evenings' project so I started hand-quilting all the background.

I like the texture it has given.

Once the quilt was secured with all the background quilting, I then took it to the sewing machine and FMQ'd in the little mermaid's purses shapes.

The binding was some Flea Market Fancy I had to hand which I thought would echo the one red block but also had the turquoise in from the rest of the quilt.
And the backing is just, well, backing really. 
Nothing special.
Just some fabric that wasn't quite big enough that I spliced and then added a bit more another one in.
When I do that, I always try to make sure that the second fabric is off-centre and not placed directly in the middle of the quilt back.
I think it looks more of a deliberate design choice rather than a 'I didn't have enough of the one fabric' situation.

Or so I like to pretend.

And that's it really.
Not quite...just realised I didn't FMQ that shape!

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  1. I also like the texture that the hand quilting has given this quilt - it looks quite wavy and watery, which works so well with the shell-like fabrics you've used!

  2. It is beautiful! I really love that you added one red block and the hand quilting is perfect. A super finish!!

  3. Congrats to Allison, and bravo to you for another finish x

  4. The quilt and hand quilting are lovely, as is the scenery in the background!

  5. What a fun quilt. Very unique. I love the pictures in our blog. Beautiful quilts.

  6. The texture you gave this is wonderful!

  7. Really nice and new look of that quilt. I like it. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I love how much movement the quilting has given it, beautiful!

  9. it is really lovely and has such movement!

  10. The hand quilting really gives it the movement like water/waves. I also like the background colours and how you placed a few darker ones as well to give interest and movement. Such a beautiful quilt. You are so talented!

  11. I've got to get a quick curve ruler. It's been on my wish list forever. I love this! Great color picking, and thanks for the tip about looking on ebay for linen :-)

  12. I love what your hand stitching does for this quilt. Good call on the binding, too.

  13. I love this quilt it is so evocative of sea and the movement in it through the quilting is gorgeous.

  14. Another brilliant finish from you.


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