Thursday 13 February 2014

Thank You

The blocks are starting to come in for my drive to get quilts made for former Mexico City street children.

I think I am suffering from block envy.

And been inspired by the generous creativity of others.

I've been sewing the blocks together, as and when they've come, so there's be no great thought to placement of colour and blocks. Yet, I still think each quilt is turning out a happy riot of colour.

It's a United Nations creation of colour and thought with blocks in this one from Germany, Australia, Canada, the USA and one from me.

Did I mention it's been windy?

Like f.o.r.e.v.e.r windy.

I have some blocks left over to start the next 'Soy Amado' quilt but it's not enough. There have now been over a thousand views of my post detailing how you can help. Imagine if everyone who read it had responded - that would be a lot of quilts and some!

All I need are 12 1/2" unfinished quilted blocks and I can turn them into quilts for kids who will love and cherish something that belongs to them and was made just for them.

I'll take anything: everyone seems to have orphan blocks lying around. Too small?  No problem, just add a border around it and it'll be fine. Too big? Just cut it down to size. Add batting and backing, quilt it and you're done.

If you're feeling so inclined whole quilts can be sent to an address in the Netherlands which I can provide. Email me for the address.

Quilt blocks to me - just email me for my address.

In the US and concerned about the postage costs for mailing to me in the UK? Go here where Leila is offering to send one big package of quilt blocks if you mail your blocks to her with a $1 or $2 contribution.

And if you can't send me a quilt block, how about spreading the word for me to help me reach as many quilters as possible?

Really, it's in your interests to help me because the more blocks I receive, the quicker I can get the quilts together and then you won't have to read me banging on about this ;-)

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Thank you.

Soy amado


  1. What a happy quilt! I'll send you some more :)

  2. What Hads said! Glad some people are getting into the swing of things and sending you blocks. By sheer luck of birth we live in countries where we have social care. Recognising this fact and helping those that do not is a small, small thing to do.

  3. I think I have a block I could finish for you next week.
    I will contact you then for the email address!
    esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo com
    ipatchandquilt dot wordpress dot com

  4. so happy to see mine made it! I'll get some more in the mail...

  5. I', glad the blocks are coming in, the quilts are wonderful.

  6. good to see the blocks are arriving, will be posting 2 on monday. Hope you get flooded with masses and masses as it is for such a good cause. I have some poly cotton trial blocks can they be used too or must it be cotton

  7. Happy quilt ..happy Valentine day!!Hugs Bambi

  8. I'm so glad that you're getting a few more blocks coming in. I have two bee blocks to make and while I'm at the machine I'm going to make some for you.

  9. quilt went in the post to The Netherlands this morning x

  10. i'd love to help out with some orphan blocks! what's your address?

  11. These are such great blocks and I can see why you are envious tendencies! lol

  12. Aah, you have no idea how funny that is! I put some more in the mail on Wednesday.

  13. Would 6 weeks time be soon enough. Sea mail from Australia is so much cheaper and that way I can send more.

  14. I would love to make some blocks. Can you email me the info jorobexeter at gmail dot com

  15. I am planning on making some blocks to contribute. Are you going to continue to accept them for a while?

  16. I spy mine, yay!! Glad it got there safely. I made it in a hurray and now see all those other, lovelier ones!

  17. Oh , I better get a block or two made, great idea about UFO blocks too , I'm sure I have a few. Is there a deadline?

  18. I have eight blocks ready to send to you Alison just need that address!


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