Monday 27 September 2010

Tufted Tweets: The Sequel if by magic, I have turned these...

...and these...
...into this. (Well not quite by magic because it took me ages actually and isn't the whole point of magic that it happens immediately)

I may be a while finishing this one off. I'm going to try and use up every last scrap of Tufted Tweets in the backing. That will mean there will be a mass of seams going on across the front as well as the back. So, because the front seams are on the bias; I will undoubtedly chicken out of machine quilting it for fear of stretching/puckering/ruining it and am going to hand quilt it instead and use some Perle 8 thread.  Just because I've never used it before and I got a good deal on a whole selection on Ebay and am itching to try them out on something.

I used the pattern from the Kaffe Fassett book Simple Shapes Spectacular Quilts
For copyright reasons I'm not allowed to upload an image of the quilt pattern I used. However, as luck would have it, a newsletter from the Cotton Patch came through my door the other week and they feature the very same quilt. Here it is in Kaffe Fasset fabrics:
Looks better in Tufted Tweets don't you think ;-)

I used various Kona cotton solids that I had to hand as well as a couple of heavier weight greens that had been gathering dust. I also added a patterned green to one block only. See if you can spot it.

As of today, Tufted Tweets is my favourite fabric line.

Thursday 16 September 2010

How lucky am I?

Well clearly very lucky as my parcel arrived today from Fabrikatedesigns as part of the Urban Home Goods swap on Flickr.

I feel completely spoilt. First off there is a lovely apron which I have already road-tested during this evening's meal...'s reversible too.
Next, there is a lovely pin cushion...
...which again, has a very nice looking backside ;-)
A wonderful bag...look at the birdies...
...and this is the other side.
And finally, some fabric postcards which will be going nowhere fast as I do not ever never not nevery every intend to send to no one never.
Thank you Kate, I love them all.

And Now For Something Completely Different:I will leave you with what was on the menu in France this past weekend...

Wednesday 8 September 2010

A little bit of this....

My secret partner in the Urban Home Goods swap on Flickr received her package from me so I can reveal what I made. She said that she very much liked the artist Charley Harper. I have to confess, I had never heard of him before but a look around the internet and I am now a semi-professional Charley Harper afficianado.
So...this is my interpretation of one of Charley Harper's drawings:

She liked it. Yipee!

...and a little bit of that.
Daughter No.2 felt that if Daughter No.1 was having a new school bag, it was only right and proper that she got one too.
She chose the fabrics and I obliged.
I do like the instant gratification that making a bag brings as opposed to how long it takes to make a quilt. I've just bought this book on bag making and I have to say it is the most comprehensive and readable book on bag making I have seen in a long time. I know...I probably need to get out more ;-)
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