Sunday 10 August 2014

Hand Quilting Heaven

After almost a year of slowly on and off hand quilting, I have a finish.

What follows are a random selection of images I took of the quilt, to try and give you some idea what fantastic texture dense hand quilting has added to the quilt.

I talked about the original seed of an idea for this quilt here where I set out to try and make a quilt that had an antique, muted feel to it, yet mixed in more contemporary, modern fabric with some of the traditional chintz.

The honeycomb centre pieces are entirely hand pieced (not EPP) and radiate out to darker shades at the edges,

The quilting was mostly outlining the shapes, nothing too taxing.

It was just the sort of project to return to every now and again.

Summer has been racing by and it's been too fun and too hot to spend any spare time indoors. Quilt related activities ground to a welcome halt -  save for the odd evening when it was cool enough for me to feel the urge to sew and then I picked this quilt up and hand quilted my sewing compulsions away.

Soy Amado blocks have continued to turn up on my door stop so that's a scratch I'll soon need to itch and I've been dipping in and out of blog reading from time to time - this post in particular resonated with me- you should definitely read it- including clicking on the link she gives to the YouTube video.

Makes you think.

Overall, the lack of sewing machine activities has meant I've really enjoyed turning to what got me into quilting in the first place - slow hand piecing and slow hand quilting.

It's hard to beat.

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