Friday 16 October 2015

Soy Amado No. 70...And Other News

Soy Amado No. 70

With a beautiful, panoramic backdrop.

And the back.

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And in other news.

I wrote a book.

It's not about quilting - I felt there were enough books on the subject.

Instead, I felt the urge to write about something else.

It's available here.

Sunday 11 October 2015

The happy accident

A finished quilt and a quilt I only started making because I had a need to make something colourful after the colour-straight-jacket swap project I had worked on before this.

I find the quilts I enjoy making the most and ultimately end up keeping are the 'happy accident' quilts; those that come about through random fabric selection, no clear idea where I am going and just making it up as I go along.

For this quilt I like the haphazard placement of the fabrics with a slight nod to some form of order by making sure the leopard print formed a whole square...and the yellow fabric for the most part.

And the back is just a use-up of the leftover blocks, plus some random fabrics, so random I didn't quite have enough left on one side so had to use another fabric.

In my head that just lends to the overall scrappiness of the quilt - using up what I have to hand.

It is my new favourite quilt.

For the moment.
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