Friday 20 November 2015

A rainbow quilt

I've never made a rainbow quilt before.
They just seem too ordered and not random enough for me.

I thought I'd have a go though.
Just because I thought I should.

Fabrics were picked.

And the decision to go with a Flying Geese block was made, with much cutting ensuing.

And much boringly essential trimming with the Bloc-Loc ruler.

I sewed one row up and then pondered my next move.

And then over the past couple of weeks, I've slowly, slowly added to it.

Until today, when 286 Flying Geese units later,  I was finally done.

I enjoyed making it but I think I am hankering after a quilt with slightly more wild fabrics now.

Linking up to Finish It Up Friday

Just need to decide what the pattern will look like and then cutting will commence.

Wednesday 18 November 2015

Soy Amado No. 71

All the blocks came from one person in Australia, with the package containing a rather nice packet of Tim Tams.

In the interests of full disclosure, they didn't even make it as far as the biscuit tin.

I'm afraid it's not the best lighting for these pics as I went for the more aesthetically pleasing sunset shot instead.

It still makes for a lovely quilt though.

On a separate note, some people have said they can't read my ebook because they don't have a Kindle. You don't actually need one!
Just download the free Kindle app and then you can read ebooks on smartphones and tablets.

Thank you to everyone who already has. x
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