Thursday 1 June 2017

And here I go again

I got a really nice email the other week. It was so nice I can't remember the name of the person who sent it but it was alone the lines of 'I just discovered your blog, haven't slept for a week as I devoured each and every word, savouring the wordsmithiness of them all and please don't stop'.

Or words to that effect.

So dear emailer, I hope the words in this post will suffice because I've set myself a time limit of one hour to write this post.

We'll start again with Soy Amado quilts. I do have quite a pile waiting to be delivered to their next destination of which I know not. The person I co-ordinate with to get the quilts to their end destination is sampling the delights of northern Spain until the end of next month so I'll hopefully have something to share then.

Not too many more in the last five weeks. Another one sent from @grannyjack123 on Instagram.

Soy Amado No.118

I'll be honest. These quilts are so beautiful and she has been so generous in not only sending me these whole quilts but extra quilt blocks too, that it sends me spinning into a short-lived frenzy of productive guilt and I knock one off within days.

So this is Soy Amado No.119, most of the blocks coming from the maker above anyway.

I finally, FINALLY finished one of my greatest quilt labours of love - the You Little Beauty Quilt which is a pattern by Chris Jurd I modified.

Herewith follows some gratuitous pics. All machine foundation paper pieced. Main body of the quilt was hand quilted and I machine quilted the wavy border.

When I started piecing it a year ago I had less than 10 spotty and striped fabrics in my healthy fabric stash. I asked on Instagram for people to swap with and I was blown away by people who not only sent me spots and stripes but didn't want anything in return. Someone in the US even screen printed me my own selection of spots and stripes for nothing.

The inspiration for the fabrics came from Jason Woodside.

I thought I would like to enter it into a show or two but I have an issue with some of the thicker threads I used on the border when I machine quilted it, showing through on the back. I need to sort that out before I attempt to give it a public airing otherwise The Quilt Police will be on to me like a shot.

I cut my binding on the bias to help with easing round the gentle curves I made on the edge of the border.

I'm not even going to pretend to be all self-deprecating and modest about this quilt because I can't.

It is nothing short of the dog's b*llocks.

There was more knitting.

I finished my Spring Fever Scarf.

Brilliant, mindless TV knitting in a selection of colours, mainly Primo yarns from The Plucky Knitter

I also finished my Colo(u)r Affection Shawl which was knitted in three colours of Malabrigo Lace.

Yes, it was/is that bright.

I've also started a Raiun Cardigan with The Most Gorgeous purple yarn from Dark Harbour Yarn

Back on the quilting front, I finished my Anna Marie Horner Takes A Drunkard Trip Around The World quilt, the top of which I finished piecing in November of last year.

And I'm still plugging away at my Pickled Fish quilt which is another Chris Jurd pattern

Here's a couple of the latest blocks - just four more left to go and then the border.

Consider yourself officially brought up to date on all things crafty. 😍
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