Friday, 15 January 2010

Two laundry bags and ANOTHER Little Island bag

This is supposed to be a blog about quilts but I am taking a meandering route to get there. An outstanding request from my sister (over two years ago) for laundry bags for her and her husband for when they go on holiday has finally been seen to and popped in the post to her today.
And then eldest daughter came home from school with a party invitation and a request from the birthday girl for a Little Island bag and 'she only likes stripes and animals mum'. I've done my best to meet the exacting brief of a 10 year old and lined it with some nice soft Minky fabric.
To celebrate the sun shining today (hasn't been often this winter) I rushed outside to photograph my latest makes. Celebrations will be short-lived though as it is due to cloud over by 3pm today.

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