Sunday, 28 February 2010

String quilt part II

Managed to reduce the contents of my scrap basket by adding a border...

...and made some more blocks for the back which helped nicely as the backing fabric was not wide enough. Still wasn't quite wide enough after I'd added the additional blocks so an old Jinny Beyer border fabric came to the rescue either side of the blocks. Quilted in straight lines with a walking foot.

And here is the end result...

...not bad (though I say it myself) for someone who got an 'ungraded' in Needlework 'O' Level ;-)


  1. That quilt is absolutely stunning and exquisite! Very good job.


  2. beautiful. Beautiful quilt!!

  3. This is wonderful. Love the additional border. I too love my string quilt, so many memories in the fabrics. I quilted it to death with stippling, I felt it needed it with all those seams, but your straight line works a treat. I might have to borrow that idea for my next one.


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