Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Not quite the quilt I was expecting...

Having seen this quilt I knew I wanted to make my own version and here it is:

What do you mean, it looks nothing like it?

Of course I was going to be different. Not use a grey as the shadow but a nice subtle, muted green (Kona Celery) to contrast with the Kona Cactus.

And therein lies the problem - there is no contrast. But that's fine. I've come to terms with it. Clearly there is a time when less is more is not going to work and this may well be that time.
I do like it. It's just not what I intended and this blog has also just highlighted my one trick ponyness of quilts with squares.
On the plus side I do like Kona Cactus - best likeness is in the first photo and I managed to quilt it without any puckers on the back. Pucker free backs of quilts definitely seem easier to achieve with a walking foot and straight line quilting rather than feed dogs down and free motion meandering.
On the minus side my last blog post was exactly a month ago when I draped the wonky log cabin quilt over half finished kitchen units.
I've still got a half-finished kitchen.

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