Friday, 15 April 2011

The Lady Gaga of the quilting world

I always thought that if my path ever crossed with quilting royalty, I'd fleetingly acknowledge them with  an oh-so-cool 'hiya' and then continue on my way.

Well I was wrong.

Very Wrong.

There I was in the Liberty store in London, minding my own business, pawing fabric I quite patently didn't need when I rounded a corner and came face to face with:

That's right A-M-Y  B-U-T-L-E-R

And what is she doing in this picture?

Writing MY NAME in one of her books that I then decided I just had to buy.

And when I opened my mouth to speak to her, it was like a floodgate of verbal diarrhea had been unleashed. I never knew I had it in me but there was no stopping me: I believe I may have thanked her for single-handedly dragging quilting into the 21st century, gushing on and on to the point of total embarrassment surely.

And do you know what? She was just so nice and charming and lovely. She told me that she was going to 'hang out' in London for the next three days which I think was about the only thing she managed to say because I just blathered on and on and on. One thing was for sure, after me she'd definitely have needed a change of clothes with my slobbering effusiveness.

Afterwards, having no 'real'  quilting friends on speed dial who would get the whole magnitude of the moment, I decided to call my family.

The 11 year old daughter picked the phone up and I related breathlessly my news. There was a pause before she said rather pointedly:

"Mu-um, she's not exactly Lady Gaga."

OK, Lady Gaga she may not be, but for me she is most definitely the Lady Gaga of the quilting world.

Thank you Amy for being such a lovely person in person...and if you ever want to adopt a middle-aged British woman do let me'll just need to bring a change of clothes with you ;-)


  1. OMG, I am laughing so hard! You are hysterical. I am in awe of YOU now since you got to meet her. I would probably do the same thing if I ever met her. And really, how could you be expected to keep your composure when you weren't expecting it. SO COOL!

  2. ha ha ha that's so funny!! Thanks for sharing the excitement, it's not everyday that you walk in to Liberty of London and meet quilting royalty :-)

  3. LOL! How cool is that. Loved your story and the way you told it!!!!!

  4. How cool! I always like to think that I'd be too cool for school if I ever met someone 'famous'. The reality is I'd probably be just like you!!

  5. I would probably be the same but hey you got a book out of the deal so that's good right - you did have to get it - it was obligatory! :D

  6. I agree....she's awesome! Jealous you got to meet her. Lucky you!

  7. I am actually speachless. Does that ever happen?? I think someone needs to get me a paper bag before I hyperventilate.....

  8. This post is hilarious! You're so funny because I think we all would have done exactly the same thing! What are we fabric nutters like? Glad you stopped yourself short of cutting off a lock of her hair!! Lol Jxo

  9. If Amy did not want to be gushed over, she needs to stop being so awesome. Trust me, we all would have reacted the same. How wonderful for you to meet her! And get her autograph!!
    ha ha, I just read Judith's comment - lock of her hair, thats awesome. ha ha
    If she adopts you, please let her know she can adopt a Canadian girl to - me!

  10. that is so exciting, I would have been gushing there right beside you! I'm lining up to be adopted too, we can all be Butler sisters :D

  11. OMG! Amy Butler!
    And who is this "Lady Gaga" of whom you speak?

  12. LOL - Love it. I can't imagine how exciting it would have been to meet and actually speak with THE Amy Butler.

  13. Oh Wow, how much fun is that? Imagine meeting Amy, in person! Lucky you. xo

  14. That is SO funny. I had a similar experience meeting Kaffe Fassett and Brandon Mably last fall. Only Kaffe didn't really talk to me....after I asked if he'd pose for a picture with me for my blog, he just said "who are you?" and when I answered, he just turned away. Brandon made up for that, though, because he is simply a delight! I ended up looking like a demented starstruck quilting addict in the photo!

    Did you see Amy standing up? Do you know how incredibly tall she is?

  15. Whoa, first of all, I can't believe Kaffe did that to the previous commenter! Anyway, I hear you about having quilt friends on speed dial, there are some things that family and non-quilting friends just can't understand! What a cool experience!


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