Friday 6 May 2011


If you were to visit this website...(or one of your choice that is going to help the ongoing relief efforts in Japan and you visited it any time from today onwards - I've since been told this website only appears to be working within the UK)

...and if you happened to make a donation of any amount that you were already intending to...

...and if you then happened to leave a comment on this blog post ...

...and if I happened to mention in passing that if you'd done that you could decide to leave a comment and if you decided to blog about it that would get you THREE comments total...

...and if this jelly-roll got lonely and decided... had found a friend it wanted to be with...

...and if they in turn decided they'd like to live in a new home...

...and then if a little while later that Mr Random Generator thingy did something and I happened to ask one of you about your 'transaction reference'...

What would you do?

You have until Friday 20 May to decide...


  1. Lookie what happened here....

    Thank you for your gift on May 6, 2011 10:47 AM
    Fund: Japan Earthquake/Asia-Pacific Tsunami 2011
    Canadian Red Cross
    Charity Registration Number: 119219814RR0001

    I'd HATE to see that gorgeous quilt go homeless :-)

  2. ....added a note about this at the top of my current blog post ;)

  3. I made a donation to Red Cross Australia! Lovely quilt and nice idea to raise some money for people who have been so devastated. Love the jelly roll too! I don't have a blog so this is my only entry - hope I get lucky.

  4. I have donated though LDS Charities.
    Tracking Code 3013-1161-1-431742-428081

  5. I have blogged about it.

  6. I donate a little each time I hit up the grocery store with those lovely Red Cross donation slips. They are earmarked for Japan.

    My four-year-old asked me the other day if the ninjas in Japan need help too. I said yes. Is that bad?

  7. i made a donation to the red cross!

  8. Adorable way to post a giveaway. I made a donation to Red Cross and worked the phone lines accepting donations.

  9. I posted a comment on my blog at

  10. I donated through LDS charities. This is such a thoughtful giveaway - you are a doll!

  11. This is a wonderful giveaway. I have donated twice, through both the Red Cross and Catholic Relief Services.

  12. I donated through a local organisation here in Madrid (Spain).
    Love the way you have posted about this fantastic giveaway.

  13. I tweeted for you ;-) hope it helps x!/buddhatum/status/67934211457294336

    I've made a 'Quilt for Japan' will be sending it on to here, hopefully,just need to confirm the details really ;-)

    Naomi Ichikawa
    Patchwork Tsushin Co.,Ltd
    2-21-2,Yushima,Bunkyo-ku,Tokyo,Japan zip:113-0034

    At least we're trying eh?

  14. I have donated through the Red Cross in Australia.

  15. I made a monetary donation to Americares for the Japan Relief effort and I donated a queen size quilt by mailing it to: Dana Jones, Quilter's Newsletter, 741 Corporate Circle-Suite A, Golden CO 80401. This is a very generous giveaway - thanks for the chance.

  16. I donated through Red Cross, and I blogged about it.
    Wonderful idea. Beautiful quilt.

  17. It is a beautiful quilt. I made a large (for me) donation to the Canadian Red Cross Japan relief fund right after the earthquake. Perhaps that is too long ago but maybe it is not. If you need the receipt number let me know.

  18. I have lived in Japan for a number of years and am touched by the ongoing generosity of the quilting community (and many other communities, of course!). Thank you for helping out in this way!

    I donated to Red Cross and Save the Children, as well as various small organizations here in Japan. I also spent the first week of May volunteering in the affected area. A devastating and physically challenging experience, but heartwarming at the same time to see first hand the goodness in people. I hope to be able to go up again soon.

    Thank you again for your generosity in helping people give to help rebuild this area where there is still SO much left to be done.


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