Thursday 7 July 2011

"Don't get overwhelmed..."

That's what the note said that came with a parcel today. For no particular reason that I can think of, Kristie at OCD sent me a lovely package all the way from Canada.

Inside was this rather gorgeous beauty:

This in itself is splendiferous but it did feel rather squishy so I opened it up and what did I find?

Not one.
This won't be hanging around, I can assure you; especially as I'm sure things have less calories in them if they are written in French

Not two.

Nor this

But three lovely extras

I can't count - that appears to be four
A magnet which will live on the fridge door

Check out her labels - think I may be suffering from label lust.

And lest they should have been lonely on their long travels, a couple of parcels traveled most of the way with them.

You can never have too much text fabric can you? Especially when it is on sale here and here
(2nd link is not playing ball...type in 'wordplay')

Thank you very, very much Kristie, you didn't have to.

But I'm rather glad you did.

I hate to tell you this, but I was OVER-whelmed.

Is that going to be OK?


  1. LOL! You are too funny. I am blushing. Glad they arrived! And that the chocolate wasn't in a puddle-y mess after being stuck in the Canada Post strike! Happy you like everything. I had the clutch on Flickr as "for someone special" and wasn't sure if you would get that hint ;) But you SEEMED to like them, by your comments.....I picked this green print as it reminded me of your green HST quilt that I continue to crush on, and it was the DS fabric that is so elusive to us non-Americans! Anyways, just don't look too closely, it was pretty much the first one I made. And you are right, calories don't count when written in foreign languages ;) Enjoy!

  2. Mmmmm those goodies are mouth watering! Cute purse too. Enjoy your treats! Jxo

  3. Oooh I love a good surprise by mail. Thanks for letting me live vicariously through yours! :-)


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