Sunday, 4 September 2011

My idea of a successful quilt show

There was this

Both daughters won their age section for 'paint a pebble.' £3 each. Kerching.

And there was this
Shall I resist the temptation to say the winner certainly knew their onions?

Plus this

And this
These really were ginormously huge

Although these were most definitely bigger

There were these

And lots of ones like these.
See the 'Hedge Veg' sign? Dotted all over the Little Island are road side stalls selling seasonal produce with a little tin in which to pop your money. Unfortunately, not everyone 'remembers.'
Yes I know I mentioned the word 'quilt' in the title of this post. Stick with me.

And there were tables of these

Yet more tents

Victory Row or Death 'Destined For Sunday Roast' Row?

With stuff in that I am clearly no expert on

But the best bit of all for me?

This bit

I'll leave you to ponder how many other entrants in the 'item of patchwork' category you think there might have been...


  1. I am suspecting there were only 3 entrants?
    Cakes in cages - that is so funny, especially as I wasn't coming and they were in no real danger!!

  2. Congrats to you and your daughters!
    It doesn't matter how many entrants there were - your quilt are wonderful!
    PS. Thank you for showing the rest of show - especially onions:)

  3. You did better than me - only two entrants in one class but I came third - no first prize awarded! We can only enter one thing in each class in our show so you have to be inventive in entering more than one quilt. Well done - if you don't enter these shows will disappear!

  4. Well done to you and your daughters how ever many entrants there were. As someone who is currently on a quest to find the ultimate chocolate cake recipe, I am drooling over those cakes. I really love the first prize quilt in particular and a close up of the quilting is amazing - what type on needle and thread do you use?

  5. Congratulations on such a successful show - what a talented family you are! Well deserved prizes for all :)

  6. I would guess that it didn't matter how many quilts were entered, you still would have had those prizes! Love your quilts. And those pebbles. Talent is family wide then. Well done everyone!

  7. Congrats on winning the quilt show and your daughters` pebbles are fabulous!

  8. Great post. It doesn't matter how many entrants there were those quilts would have still won! Love the painted pebbles too! The photo with the cakes all fenced off made me laugh!

  9. Looks like you all had a great day at the show! Congrats on the prizes :-)

  10. Congratulations to all the winners (especially those in your family).

    Three quilts in total?

  11. Fantastic! Go, Tweets! Your family cleaned up- all very talented. A shame all those scrumptious desserts were "behind bars" from me, anyhow!

  12. Oh that is just fabulous! What a wonderful fair! The pebbles are spectacular and well done for the win!

  13. beautiful quilts and i love the pebbles! great job all around.

  14. I'm thinking you are Queen of Northshore!!!!

  15. Looks to me like a whole lot of people had a lot of fun entering all those categories. Congratulations on the wins, I am betting there were many entrants in the quilts, yours are just so wonderful is all. And your kids are stars, I love their rocks!

  16. I love the cakes in cages - still chuckling! Congratulations on the wins! Is it like our local show - if you don't claim your entry within minutes (less than three!) of the show closing they start selling them off!!

  17. I don't care how many entrants there are...the fact that you even entered is your quilts, as always *sigh*

  18. Yeah you! Or Fair is Sept30-Oct9 and I cant wait to put my quilts in.


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