Saturday, 25 February 2012

Who says number 1 never wins?

I do.

I have been known if I really, really want to be in with a chance of winning a giveaway, not to comment first because I always thought number 1 never wins.

That theory is now out the window as I just drew for the Denyse Schmidt fat quarters and who did Mr Random Number Generator Thingy pick?

Which was:

 Do you want to let me have your address please Jan. clever clogs even guessed where the first part of my honeymoon destination was:

Yup - New Orleans. I had wanted to go there for what seemed like ever. My husband put together a secret itinerary for our honeymoon. You can't fly direct to New Orleans from the UK so I (rather ungratefully) thought we were going to St Louis when we first boarded the plane. No offence if you live in St Louis but it wasn't top of my honeymoon destination list.

If you get a chance, go to New Orleans - fab food, fab music, wonderful buildings, you've got the Mississippi - loved it.

'Wordmama' I shall email you for your address and then some fabric will be on its way to you.

However, it might take a while.

We are now into DAY THREE of this...


No planes have taken off or landed for three days.

No mail plane. (Think of all my fabric orders, circling above me and then diverting back to whence they came)

No national papers plane.


Unfortunately my husband is one of the 6,000 :(

Save for the intermittent sound of the fog horn, the skies are eerily silent.

I have never known it to go on for this long.

It's definitely quilting weather.


  1. Hope you have a good stash just in case - seems a good excuse to stock up with new when the fog lifts! ; )

  2. Oh well done to the ladies x
    Oh the fog is crazy, hope it clears soon x

  3. but it's still so beautiful there! Happy quilting.

  4. Wooo Hooo!

    It's funny when I saw the title of this post, I thought this is just what I said to Reene the other day when I entered her give away and was number one, especially as I knew I'd entered someone else's and was number 1 as well.

    :-D thank you - I'll email you my address.

  5. Definitely quilting weather!!!

  6. New Orleans is pretty great :)

    Definitely quilting weather. Where is Mr. little Island stranded? Hope he makes it home soon.

  7. I hope the fog has lifted...and that you've got plenty of sewing done while you waited!!

  8. I hate fog! It's like being cooped up. Anyway, it'll change again.
    I was on holiday in Land's End (Cornwall) and we didn't hear anything else but the foghorn for the whole week!!
    Sorry to be so negative (but I win in the fog contest)


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