Friday 13 April 2012

Scrap busting

I have scraps.

Lots of scraps.

I also bought this pattern probably about 10 years ago.

While having a clear-out I rediscovered it about 18 months ago.

It had sat doing nothing for so long that the paper had started to discolour.

I should really just have chucked it out/passed it on to someone else but in a moment of madness I decided I would make it.

It's been slow and sporadic.

When I began I had visions of a very controlled pattern palette.

Then I didn't touch it for several months and forgot what my game plan was and went random.

Then I picked it up again in the last few days and decided anything would go.

I now have no idea how it is going to turn out.

Nor when it will be finished.

Each one of these alone takes me 45 minutes to piece.

Added to which because I keep losing interest in it, I turn to another scrap buster I am working on at the moment.

Sewing up scrappy squares of all one colour.

Then taking the curved ruler to them.

And adding a bit more on.

A way to go yet before the idea in my head is all sewn up.

(Linking up to Amanda Jean's Finish It Up Friday...although I clearly haven't finished anything up)


  1. Wow! Such a complicated pattern! I wouldn't have even tried it: You are braver than I am! Love the little scrappy squares with the BW borders! Very nice!

  2. I love your scrappiness - both kinds!

    Going random sounds fun ! I have no doubt that it will be remarkable!

  3. I love both the scrappiness and the compass pattern. I think it's great that you are doing them! They will both be beautiful!
    (Just curious to know if the compass pattern is by Judy Niemeyer....)

  4. Looks like you are off to a great start - can't wait to see how both turn out. I alway switch back and forth between these types of projects as well.

  5. Love those scrappy curved square blocks! Too much paper piecing on the other one for me :) Good luck!

  6. The scrappy curves are great! The other looks mind boggling!

  7. It is going to look fabulous! Do a little at a time and it will eventually get finished and become one of your favorite quilts.

  8. doesnt matter how long it takes... just that you like what you make... or give it away to someone else who loves it xx lol

  9. I was very curious about what will happen.Good luck.....

  10. Two big projects. Think they will both look good but we need to see more!

  11. that looks really hard....something to aim that curved scappiness......will have to invest in one of those

  12. Both these projects will look amazing when do so that must be an incentive to keep going - and think of the satisfaction knowing you just used up scraps!

  13. Plans change all the time ...
    And you're so flexible!
    Nice, very nice.
    I like the new look of the blog too.

  14. I think that that definitely comes under the heading of a refined form of torture! *Off to sew some simple squares*

  15. I love that pattern, I bet it will be stunning in the end going all scrappy and such. The curve ruler blocks are also lovely. Clearly you are into a lot of colour right now, it is wonderful.

  16. Cool scrap busting, the template made me whimper a little though :)

  17. I love both ideas and am looking forward to seeing more!! I'm amazed you can piece each of those blocks in only 45 minutes - you must have smoke coming off the needle!!


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