Sunday, 4 November 2012

I think I might have made a modern quilt

I have long been an admirer of really modern, clean, minimalist quilts. Coming from the school of more is more, cram as many different fabrics in as you can to a quilt, it has been quite the challenge to make one.

However, friends have just had their first baby and I kind of regard them and their penthouse flat as modern and minimalist and wanted to try and make a baby quilt that fitted the scheme.

For the first time ever, I sketched a rough design.

The design was scary for me as there wasn't much of it.
I think minimalist takes courage - there still has to be a balance between all the components for it to look right.
There is definitely an art to it.
My usual quilts are definitely not minimalist.
I wondered if I could pull it off.

There was loads of negative space. My previous inclination would have to been to do an all over cross-hatch design or some mindless meandering.

Not this time. I used it as an opportunity to try out lots of different quilting patterns.

I'm not sure there is necessarily a coherence to my willy-nilly approach to switching from one pattern to the next but I still think it kind of works.

This is a view of the back - I partly used Essex Linen
The back gives you a better idea of the randomness of the quilting.

The daddy is a pilot and the mummy used to be a flight attendant, so I though the addition of this piece of fabric was apt.

Most of the fabric in the front of the quilt is an Egyptian cotton bundle from Empress Mills. I have no idea how much is in a bundle but they are just £4.50 a bundle and I didn't use all of it in this quilt - there are still some bits left over. It is a brilliant, clean white (not sure it comes across in the photos) and it is like quilting through butter. I shall definitely be getting some more.

I'm still debating whether to quilt in the dark columns or leave as is.

But for the moment I am just going to enjoy the fact that I think I might just have made a modern quilt.


  1. You have most definitely made a modern quilt and it is brilliant! Love the quilting, and those additions of text fabric. Super job!

  2. Modern it is. :) I love it, and the addition of the text print is such a cool touch!

  3. I agree there is definitely an art to modern quilts but you have pulled it off. The First Class baby text is gorgeous. I have to check out Empress Mills!

  4. Wow! Wonderful quilt. Your quilting is great and will give both baby and parents something new to look at every time they use it!

  5. I thought your blog had been hacked!!
    I think it looks great x

  6. I think you nailed this! They will love it and the little piece of fabric about first class is brilliant!!

  7. Well done, I can imagine how hard it would be to keep things so paired down, they will surely love it.

  8. I think you cracked modern on your first attempt! Looks fab!

  9. I am totally in love with this quilt! It is truly modern and fun and cuddly all at the same time, what a wonderful gift!

  10. Definitely looks modern to me :) Great quilting!

  11. I think you might have! ;-)

  12. Love it. Simple, clean and elegantly modern. :) well done

  13. There was me thinking all your quilts were modern! Cool minimalist look - another success I think!

  14. It looks modern to me too. The text print( and idea) is to die for! It will be much appreciated by the new parents.

  15. This is amazing, and definitely very modern - would look beautiful in a penthouse!


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