Saturday, 12 January 2013

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A little pouch thingamy whotsit to store Important Things for a niece.

A cushion cover for someone who is mad about V W camper vans.

I used the free pattern on Tula Pink's blog and made one slight addition.

I added a name plate...

...of the intended recipient.

Which is not to say this idea would work if you were making this for a Stephanie or a Francesca or any other long girls' names for that matter.

The back is an extremely tactile Anna Marie Horner velveteen.

And my third make of 2013 is really a finish off from the previous year.

It was a great way to showcase big print fabrics.

I also used it as an opportunity to try out various free motion quilting design ideas in each of the squares.

The back is fairly pedestrian but is in line with my new modus operandi of using up what is to hand.

When I posted a picture of my sewing room a while back, there was a comment left by someone that it looked like a scene from The Hoarders. I don't think we get that this side of the Atlantic but I knew instantly what she meant.

I can't disagree with that and aim to remedy the situation throughout this year.

Here's to 2013, the year of being thrifty.


  1. Glad to see you back and with some fabulous finishes too. Love the quilt!

  2. You've been busy over the holidays!

    I meant to say back when that comment was made that you didn't look like a hoarder, just like someone who was a bit too busy sewing to tidy. Goodness knows we have all been there. Hoarding is something quite different. That being said, I have realized recently that I don't really need any more fabric for now - except for maybe some backings as I finish projects. I have tons that I would like to play with. I'm not saying I'm not going to buy any cute dots if I see them on sale, but I certainly have enough fun projects to work on for the moment.

    Love the VW!

  3. The ticket X's make me want to track down some of that fabric to add to my American Jane stash though. ;)

  4. You've certainly been busy! Love all your finishes and the ticket quilt is superb!

  5. Busy and thrifty, and making smashing stuff - bravo xxx

  6. Happy New Year!
    Lots of loveliness - especially love the zippy and the cushion.

  7. wow! what beautiful finishes! That quilt is so beautiful

  8. That donkey fabric always makes me smile! One could always put the initials of the recipient if the name was too long! Using up the stash is a great challenge.

  9. Yep, thrifty is going to be my mantra for 2013. Hope I can stick to it better than my usual resolutions. Love your quilt with the tickets fabric. A great use of fabric!

  10. Some things are okay to board! We would all understand fabric boarding ; ) great use of the ticket fabric in your quilt. Cute pillow too. She will squeal when she gets it!

  11. Love them all, especially the quilt. Looking forward to seeing what you make whilst using all of your stash this year.

  12. Love the fmq sampler - hope you found some new favourites! And as you say great way to show off those fabrics those designers spent ages making for us and we usually cut them all up!

    Love both the cushions you made - two very lucky, lucky people out there! Just have to bribe Mr Random next time - sigh!

    And one lucky niece too!

  13. I love, love your quilt. All the different quilting is so fun and those fabrics are just stunning. Using your beautiful fabric is a great plan too.

  14. It's all beautiful; they're all favorites!

  15. Brilliant batch of projects. The colours of your blog never fail to cheer me up on a dismal damp day. Good luck with being thrifty.... I'm giving that a go in 2013 too.


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