Tuesday, 18 February 2014

I've got piles

There is this pile.

A friend recently celebrated a birthday with an '0' on the end and I asked them for present ideas.

They said they'd love me to make them a quilt.

I said I could do that.

They sent me an email with colour ideas and the measurements for the quilt.

I thought it would be lap size.

It is SUPER KING size.

I'm keeping with the QAYG groove I'm in at the moment.

This is my pile of quilted blocks.

And this is my pile of non-quilted blocks.

Looks can be deceiving.

I'm not even half-way through quilting the blocks.

It's slow going.

Especially as I decided to make it fully reversible so the back is also pieced.

And this is my pile for the Mexico City street children quilts.

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It's patiently waiting for more 12 1/2" quilted blocks to join it to make a quilt.

To help it grow I made a Flickr group.

I've never made one before.

I feel all grown up and official now.

I think it means you really do have to help me now.

It's here.

Within a few hours it had been populated with blocks I didn't even know where coming my way.

I'm excited.

My piles are going to get bigger.


  1. Your work is stunning. As you know I have three blocks on their way to you. I do hope they make it soon! Debbie in Illinois, USA

  2. Lovely stashes Alison! You will be busy for sure!

    (I just learned that Soy Amado is used when said to a male, and Soy Amada, when said to a female. Maybe something to consider when you make the appliqu├ęs?)

    1. Good job most of the children are boys but I will take note of that. Thanks for letting me know.

  3. I am sending a few blocks this week too.

  4. The reversible quilt looks like a quilt of love to me, so much going into it. I am sure it will be worth the effort and treasured when it is gifted.

  5. Lots of quilting to be done but the love which is being given by yourself and others is amazing.

  6. What's the group on Flickr called? I've never done this type of QAYG, but I'm willing to try! Your blocks are lovely! I've done one king sized quilt before and vowed never again! It's endless! :-)

  7. res hoping your piles get bigger and your pain less x

  8. is there a link for the flikr group?

  9. sorry not posted the 2 I have done yet, need to get an envelope but they will be with you soon.

  10. Well, if you have to have piles these are the kind to have! Yay that the flickr group is filling up. I've seen some lovelies bouncing around on instagram too. You could be QAYGoing for quite some time!

  11. I have a full quilt I'm sending over, if I get a free moment to make a block I'll send that too :D It's the sort of piles you don't want to treat!

  12. Lovely pile of blocks though

  13. I think this is great since when you are done quilting them , you just have to join them all together:) You can do it!

  14. Piles and piles of lovely blocks filled with glorious pattern and fabrics!! They will make beautiful quilts...of that I am quite certain!!

  15. beautiful piles...soon they will be a beautiful quilt

  16. I truly did finally put those blocks in the mail last week I think. I am going to make some more and send them too, 70 quilts need a lot of blocks. Your present quilt will be fantastic when it is all done.

  17. Hello, where do you live please, and do you have an address I can send them to? I'm in England. thank you. You are making lovely quilts.

  18. I am still going to make you a block but I've had machine 'issues'. Resolved now so will pull my finger out of you know where! Your piles are beautiful - no ointment required.

  19. I'd like to make and send some blocks. I'm not familiar with quilt as you go? Do I just pretend the blocks are mini quilts, ie. make a quilt sandwich, with top, batting and backing? If so, do all three layers need to be the same size, or do the top and back need to be bigger than the wadding? Also, I can't find an address for posting to. Thanks. Lesley.

  20. A super king quilt? She'd better be a really good friend! *wink*

  21. You are a FAR nicer friend than I....super king sized???


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