Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Soy Amado No. 47

A windy No. 47

Would you look at that pig.

I LOVE the pig.

Keep an eye out for that pig.

It's female soul mate is set to make an appearance in another quilt.

Ok, so not the best picture of the back but you get the idea.

That's the trouble with taking out less than willing participants who try to shirk their promises and instead get me to hold the quilts up so they can take the photos.

She doesn't know I saw a text to a friend who was asking what she was up to.

'Out with mum AGAIN, holding up a quilt. LOL'

Clearly quilt holding upping is not being taken seriously.


  1. Last week my daughter refused to be in the front garden with me photo-ing blocks as I hadn't put my shoes on and the neighbours would see!

  2. Clearly not ;) Has it rained yet??

  3. It’s still early in the morning after a short night sleep and I’m reading my favourite blogs.
    I just read a thoughtfull post about diversity in the quilting community, acceptance and being honest in the comments you leave on blogs. I’m in doubt what to think of it.
    And now I come here and I look at that adorabe pig, I feel the fresh wind blowing from your beautiful island and through your beautiful quilt and I think... who cares? YOU CARE!

  4. Oh children Don't you love them, well most of the time anyway. That looks great by the way.

  5. That pig is adorable! Love the shadow of your trusty photographer too :-)

  6. You made her do it AGAIN! How could you?!

    Loving the pig too.

  7. Hilarious text! Sometime this week, just send her a text: I'm cooking your dinner AGAIN. I'm cleaning the bathrooms AGAIN. MORE dirty laundry!?!?

  8. How exciting to see my last six blocks all in the one quilt. Love the pig! I think he is the Little Pig who was clever enough to build the brick house he is looking at so proudly.

  9. That pig. Too funny! I bet the kids will love that quilt.:)

  10. Another beautiful quilt...I love that piggie too!

  11. Cindy has a good idea! Love that pig!


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