Saturday, 6 December 2014

Soy Amado No. 53...and an update

Nice and simple.

All the blocks from one person.

Please note the blue sky.

Photographic evidence to look back on when we revert to the winter default of grey clouds.

My husband paid a visit to the home in Mexico City last week.

The walls are slowly being replastered.

The director of the home thanks everyone who has helped. Apart from brightening up the surroundings considerably, he reiterated how important it has been for the children to have something that belongs to them only and is nothing like any of the other quilts.

It makes them feel individual, special and that they are wanted.

The children have also been busy baking cookies and cakes to sell in the local market, to help raise funds for the home.

And honing their icing skills.

Now, I know over the course of this year, as I have photographed the various Soy Amado quilts around this island idyll I call home, that I have no doubt massively boosted visitor numbers here. Much like when people visit LA and take a bus tour round the 'homes of the stars', I am sure the buses I have seen chugging round the island are on a Soy Amado quilt location tour.

However, before you go booking that trip of a lifetime, I do feel, in the interests of full disclosure, that you should know exactly what you're stepping in to when you arrive here. So, I'm sharing some of the headlines from the local newspaper over the past week or so, just to give you the bigger picture.

Swap 'man' for 'woman' and add in 'in-law' after 'mother' and that could quite well be me

Wasn't me. Honest.

Top legal 'speed' here is 35m.p.h so he was probably hammering along at 41 m.p.h

And my personal favourite:

I'm still looking...


  1. Was it your hubby? : ) Hope you find him.......
    Blessings on you and all those involved in making these quilts. You are doing more than meets the eye I'm sure. Thank you

  2. You're cracking me up!!! Love your sense of humor. PS The Soy Amado project is obviously a big success, congratulations to all involved. It does, indeed, take a village.

  3. You are funny! And here I was thinking of booking a trip!
    You are so good to be doing this. It must be a thrill to see the quilts "in action".

  4. Awesome job with getting so many quilts made. Thank you for sharing the photos of the home and seeing the quilts in action. Fantastic job.

  5. You are my hero for getting those quilts done and on those beds!

  6. Fantastic! On all fronts for different reasons though, and it sounds like you live in my town!

  7. Now this sounds like the kind of place I MUST visit! So interesting!!

  8. It must make your heart melt, seeing all those beautiful quilts on the beds in Mexico. It's all so worthwhile, what you're doing. As for those headlines, pretty hardcore!! I shall check out Jersey's latest offerings and see how they compare.... ;-)

  9. You really are a very special person xx

  10. Thanks so much for inspiring me to give back even more to my community. I have now made three quilts from orphan blocks and have enough blocks for two more....all donated from friends. I told them your story and they were excited to be a part of the orphan block quilt project locally. Every quilt makes a difference to someone.

  11. We each must do our part...Thanks for being there...from a fellow islander/quilter in Galveston Island, TX.

  12. Thanks for sharing those pics from the orphanage, you have had quite a year. Laughing out loud at the headlines!

  13. you personal favourite?????
    seen should be replaced with "seeded"..... shouldn't it??

  14. Thank you very much Alison for turning my blocks into lovely snuggly #53 ! I hope it's owner will love it ! I love your beautiful recent quilts "no solids were harmed" and "cosmos".
    I too am a huge fan of Kathy Doughty from Material Obsession and Heather from Anka's Treasures. I was lucky to take a class from Kathy and I made a churn dash quilt with Heather's lovely spice fabric line. I will be ordering her "angles with ease" book soon - thanks for the thumbs up on it!
    Love your sense of humour and generous spirit ! Take care and stay out of the headlines .. ha ha .

  15. Beautiful #53. Thanks for sharing the photos of the orphanage as well as the revealing side of life on the island. :D

  16. I have been following this project since you started with great admiration -- one of the things on my list for 2015 is to get off my duff and send you some blocks. Thanks for the update, it is so wonderful to see how something as simple (and as complicated!) as a quilt can make such a difference. You are an inspiration to me - both your quilts you make that are not for this project (love your aesthetic!) and because of this project.


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