Friday, 6 February 2015

A bit of felty fun

I purchased the pattern for this cushion last year when I visited Material Obsession.

The patterns are put together by Wendy Williams.

You can buy completed kits here but I just bough the pattern, separately bought some felt and off I went.

I loosely followed the pattern sort of.

I'm not a natural when it comes to hand embroidery stitches and I do feel I may have invented some new ones as I went along.

So avant garde are they, I have cropped them out of the following image.

Wendy has you attaching the felt to the background fabric, backing that with a muslin fabric and then assembling into the cushion.

That felt (pun intended if you so wish) like following too many instructions so I attached it to the background fabric, added batting and backing and then quilted it.
A very successful look, particularly the bit top left in the below pic which I forgot to quilt.

That said, I thoroughly enjoyed making the cushion.

And I would definitely do it again.

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  1. It looks great - did you hand quilt it too?

  2. I love it. I love it's background and it's crazy brightness.

  3. It's charming. I received Wendy's book for Christmas, I now need to get round to finding some felt.

  4. Love! Is it wool felt? If so, where did you find such great, vibrant colors? I want to make a wool quilt like this (although it might be a good idea to start with a smaller cushion) but can only seem to find muted/brown tones.

  5. I recently bought a pin keep type thingy as a kit similar in style. I don't know too much about embroidery so I put it away in the back of the cupboard. But you may have inspired me to dig it out and indulge in some invented stitchery of my own.

  6. Its lovely - bright, vibrant and fun!

  7. So pretty! fun and colorful.

  8. How fun! I love it! It makes me want to give it a go. I keep buying felt and pinning cute felt ideas but the two things have not come together through action on my part yet. Maybe after seeing how well yours turned out, I'll give it a try.

  9. Very pretty! I love working with felt, it always behaves so well I find. Perhaps this is just the start of a whole new embroidery chapter for you?!

  10. this is wonderful! I love your stitches and the colors are really fun. great work


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