Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Soy Amado No. 64

Such was the indecent haste of The Photographer to 'get it done quick before I see anyone I know', said  photographer  failed to let me know I was holding the quilt upside down.

Which in this instance makes all the difference because you can't have an upside down heart.

No. 64 is the end of the present supply.

There were 19 blocks left at the end of the pile so I added in one of mine.
The stain glass window applique flower block which was the result of a one day workshop and from which nothing further ever happened to it.

Until now.

It became block number 1,280, which is how many I have sewn together these past 14 months.

It felt kind of odd that for the first time since I started this project, there were no blocks waiting to be sewn together.

The feeling didn't last long though, as less than 24 hours later some more arrived in the post.

Not enough to make a quilt which is fine.
I need to take a breather again and concentrate on other things.

So this is not the end of Soy Amado.
I'm just hitting the pause button for a while.


  1. An amazing feat well done, you should be very proud of your achievements.

  2. Pretty amazing to get so many done, what a fantastic effort.

  3. Not surprised you are ready for another rest from making these quilts. 64 is an amazing total! This one is so different. as each block ooks completely different from all the others. But, putting my Sherlock Holmes's hat on. I spy that four of the backings are obviously from the same stable so someone must have sent you four very different blocks. Love your stained glass rose. Looks a lot of work so I can see why you didn't make more of them. How lovely to be able to use it in this quilt.

  4. 1280???? WOW you should get a mention in the Guinness Book of Records :-) Hats off to you!

  5. Just incredible! I bet you can almost sew them with your eyes closed by now. And hopefully you don't dream about them in an endless loop.:) They are truly a gift of love.

  6. What an amazing achievement! Those kiddies are truely blessed to have you sewing for them. I hope you have some projects lined up "just for you". Enjoy your well deserved break. I spy the blocks I sent you in this quilt which feels a bit strange. I hope they played nice. I always get nervous sewing blocks up for other people to use. Its the "worrier" in me.

  7. You rock! And I hope you have some fun making something different for a bit too.

  8. I think you deserve that pause! You are still doing a sterling job, much to be admired!

  9. You are such a wonderful person for doing this! I have loved looking at every one!

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  11. Another winner! I definitely think you have earned a break, though. I was pleased to see one of my blocks was included in this one. I got off to such a slow start sending my blocks that I was pleased to be included at all but you managed to use all of mine. :D Perhaps when you are ready to start up again I'll be ready to make some more, too.

  12. This is a beauty too! Enjoy the vacation!

  13. oops!!!! (the upside down heart)
    you could have turned the pic the other way around..... and see if anyone "got" the april fools joke!!!
    love your blog,

  14. I think you're wonderful. As is the quilt! Enjoy the 'pause' - I'm looking forward to seeing what you're going to make!

  15. I have some quilt batting and orphan blocks I'd like to use up and wish to make blocks for your Soy Amado project. Could you send me your address to mail them to? I see you put sashing between the blocks, should I quilt the entire block or leave a seam allowance? Thanks!


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