Saturday 2 May 2015

An Anna Maria Horner Swap Option Two

I kind of like the last quilt too much to give away, so I needed a back-up plan and this one is it.

If my partner expresses a preference on Instagram, that's fine. If she doesn't, she's getting this one.

It's a very fun block to make using the Triangler ruler and just the right size for a mini quilt.

I used Perle cotton on the star block, a combination of running  and chain stitch and then switched to my sewing machine to densely free motion quilt the space. (I would say 'negative space' but that starts to sound modern which I'm not. I think.)

That was actually really fun as I treated each section completely different and just 'drew' whatever came into my head.

Within reason of course.

Some things are best kept in your head.

How can anyone one not like brown when it looks as beautiful as it does in these fabrics?

And the back.

I got carried away and did a video for Instagram to try and show the texture of the quilting off. Then I discovered you can only upload 15 seconds worth.

So here's the longer version (not sure why it doesn't cover the full screen though) - popcorn is optional.


  1. That's gorgeous. If you partner doesn't want it, I'll send you my address. lol

  2. It's wonderful, and I love all the quilting in the negative space.

  3. first impression of this quilt was that it was huge, hung on a mountain side with trees below. funny how your perspective can get distorted. Then I read you thread. It's a very pretty block and your partner should be very happy with it.

  4. snort! I'm imagining a quilt covered in teeny, perfectly quilted willies! This is lovely, by the way :-D

  5. I almost love this one more!

  6. This would be a great get! It's beautiful!

  7. Looks good. Agree about the warm browns. Modern doesn't have dibs on the term "modern"; it is a term from art analysis.

  8. They are both beautiful, but I think your first one speaks to me. You have a wonderful ability to combine colour and fabrics.

  9. I totally laughed when I hit "within reason of course". The quilting looks great.

  10. Beautiful! The browns compliment the rest wonderfully.:)


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