Sunday 27 September 2015

Soy Amado No.69

A beautiful sunny day so had to get out and about and get an 'on location' shot for you.

Believe it or not, I paid good money to the local camera shop to get that annoying piece of fluff removed...

...which clearly hasn't happened.

I need to check where this and the other quilts still needing to be made up, will he headed off to as I'm not sure if the children's home in Mexico City have sufficient.

And the back - almost as wild and wacky as the front.

As always, thanks for sending me blocks to make into these quilts.
I appreciate it.


  1. Another great quilt. Try photoshop for the fluff. :D

  2. I think the sea now waits to see your quilts!! :)

  3. A lovely quilt in another great location. The back is stunning! Isn't it super when random becomes lovely? Perhaps there's a quilting lesson there - we shouldn't get too hung up as to what goes well with what.

  4. Your photos and quilt are gorgeous - fluff or no fluff!

  5. Still going strong!
    I'm sure the receivers of these quilts appreciate that.

  6. A great quilt! I'd be marching back to the shop and demanding either my money back or them doing the clean again!


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