Sunday, 8 January 2017

Soy Amado No.86 and onwards...

It's official, I have become an extremely lazy blogger. Sadly it's so much easier to quickly post a picture update to Instagram and be done.

It wasn't until I was contacted this week by someone who has been very supportive of Soy Amado that I realise that I should update here as well and not assume everyone else is hanging off my every word on Instagram instead ;-)

So, here we go:

No. 86.

No. 87.


This was a whole one sent to me by @grannyjack123 (on Instagram)

No. 89 was also from @grannyjack123 and by this stage I was feeling I really ought to make some more.

So No. 90 is me back on the case.

And I pressed on quickly with No. 91.

And No. 92.

No. 93.

No. 94.

No. 95.

No. 96 was a bunch of orphan blocks very kindly sent to me by Ingrid (@obsessivequilter on Instagram...are you starting to see a pattern here as to why the blog has been neglected?) which I added strips of fabric around, to size up to the requisite 12.5" block size.

No. 97.

No. 98.

Then there was a new delivery of quilts; to a home in Cape Town, South Africa for children who have been deemed 'at risk' in their family homes and removed.

So that's all the motivation you need to continue.

No. 99.

No. 100.

No. 101.

No. 102.

No. 103.

No. 104. This was another whole quilt sent to me by @grannyjack123

As is No. 105.

And that's where I'm at - still making them. If you want to help, all the details are in the 'giving back' tab. Even if you can't manage 12.5" quilted blocks, scrappy binding has been really great to receive as  it cuts down so much time having it all ready and to hand.

I have been sewing other stuff but that's a blog post for another day.

Just need to fit that day in.


  1. Wow, you've been so busy! I'm glad to see an update to your blog as I don't participate in any of the other social media.

  2. Fabulous! I especially love the shots of the children posing with their new quilts! And as you say, all the inspiration that is needed...

  3. So many beautiful things in this post! Hooray to you for continuing to do this! The quilts are great and the photographic tour of your island is such a treat! Thank you!

  4. Its amazing the effect IG has had on Blogging isn't it, but keep hanging on, it is worth it to get the bigger picture.

  5. Well, I can see why it went quiet over here! What a fabulous line up! I don't do IG as I'm more more about words with my pictures, so blogging's my medium, but I'm very grateful for the catch-up here. I hope you won't leave it so long again, the work's amazing. And after April, I'll be able to get some blocks done and sent to you.

  6. Thanks so much, Alison! 105!!!!
    What an accomplishment!

  7. I don't really do IG for the same reasons as Kate and also because it's not suited to a desktop which is where I 'do' most of my online stuff. I'm glad you thought to show us non-IGers what's been going on - gorgeous, gorgeous quilts and the photos of the children are wonderful. I am collecting some orphan blocks for you and will send them as soon as I have a few more.

  8. Thank you so much for the update with all of the recent quilts. I have thought of you several times during the year and checked your site. I am so glad to see these quilts. I will purpose to get some squares or a quilt to you this year. It is so nice to see the children's faces with their quilts. Thanks again. Oh, I don't do Instagram either.

  9. Wow such an amazing amount of beautiful Soy-amado quilts, wonderful! kind regards, Conny

  10. Loved the quilt show. I only recently got a smartphone, and I haven't mastered IG yet, so I appreciated the blog post.

  11. Which width of binding do you use? I have left over binding of several projects I could send you. Best wishes!

  12. Fun quilts and beautiful kids! I'm continually amazed at what you've accomplished.

  13. Awesome Allison!!! thanks so much for this magnificent update.
    i check your blog regularly, and sigh.... because you`re not here....
    today i looked, and....there you were.... and so-o-o worth the wait.
    the quilts are all lovely!! and my goodness `grannyjack123` is a sweet one!!
    you are absolutely correct in your inspiration, it`s the best kind of inspiration!
    binding widths, how wide do you use?
    you are amazing... i`m not an instagrammer either, so these posts make me ever so happy!
    xoxo eva quilltered (at)

  14. Wow! You've been busy, busy, busy! Love the photos of the happy kids.:)


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  16. What size binding do you need? I loved the update. Three of my blocks were on a child's quilt. That was so neat to see I impacted someone else in a minor way! I don't do Instagram either so I appreciate the blog post.

  17. The smiles on the faces of the children says it all. Thank you for posting the photos.

  18. These are so beautiful and such a worthy cause! Those children melt my heart ❤️,

  19. the children look so happy....makes it all worth while!! :) <3

  20. Wow, thank you for all the pictures. I've just happened across your project through "On the Windy Side". She is doing same in New Seeland. I would like to send you some Blocks too. Were would I find a mailing address? Thank you


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