Sunday 9 April 2017

Another round up for those of you who still read this blog

Warning: this is going to be a complete and utter craft dump of everything I don't think I've covered here but have on Instagram.

First off, a quick update on Soy Amado quilts.

No. 106.

No. 107.

Both were basking in the January sun, hanging low in the sky.

No. 108. If you are a fully paid up member of the Cloud Appreciation Society I should imagine the backdrop may be more interesting to you than the quilt itself.

No's 109 and 110 came as whole completed quilts from Sarina in the USA. Thank you😀😀

No. 111 was a joint project between Wendy in New Zealand and Carla in Australia. Because Wendy is super organised, she also sent all the coordinating binding and sashing I would need. Because I clearly can't do as I am told, I sewed the whole quilt together before remembering about the sashing and binding.


The Photographer's Assistant was called into action at short notice and if you look closely you'll spot odd socks.

No. 113 is a deceptively simply but stunning quilt from @grannyjacks123 on Instagram who sends me the most beautifully made quilts plus more loose blocks.

No. 114.

No. 115 features the sashing I should have used in quilt No.111 had I been as organised as Wendy.

No. 116. Less than a week latter, @grannyjacks123 had sent me another completed quilt 💚

No. 117. is where I am currently up to. The brief to The Photographer's Assistant was to get me a nice coastal photo as she was out and about. The Photographer's Assistant is keeping company at the moment and me thinks the company was distracting to the point where they suddenly realised they hadn't carried out The Quilter's Express Wishes and a hurried 'OMG, quick the sun's almost disappeared' shot was done. My apologies therefore.

Meanwhile, I also got back in to knitting which I hadn't done in yonks. So long ago, I was amazed at the sheer selection of yarns now available and all the independent dyers that have sprung up.

So, in no particular order.

Seduced by the name, I have started a Guernsey Wrap. I will admit to normally being a starter finisher but the reason this isn't finished is because shortly after commencement, I discovered the above mentioned independent dyers/yarn suppliers and my humble opinion is the quality and content of their yarns is more to my liking and I have temporarily gone off the High Streetness of this yarn. Please note, this is my own inverted personal yarn snobbery and nothing to do with the brand itself.
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Rialto DK.

Finished two twisted cowls in a Rowan 100% Alpaca yarn which is now discontinued, therefore I do not feel compelled to tell you the yarn name.
Which is good.
Because the yarn labels have long since gone in the bin.

Finished the Brownfield Shawl.
Yarn: Quince & Co Chickadee.

Great stitch definition gives a lovely professional look.

Then there was the Ashburn Shawl.
Yarn: Kettle & Co Islington

The yarn has silk in it and when knitted up, has a lovely sheen and drape to it. I can't say enough good things about this yarn.

I also knitted the After The Rain sweater in 100% alpaca so incredibly soft.
Yarn: Amano Eco Puna

I am on the verge of finishing a Spring Fever scarf.
Yarn: Mostly a variety of The Plucky Knitter Primo colours

And I am nowhere close to finishing a Colour Affection Shawl because it is being knit in a lace weight yarn.
Yarn: Malabrigo Lace

Back in the land of quilting, I pattern tested Erica's latest quilt pattern, The Linda Quilt.

Really easy to strip piece with options like mine above, or on point.

Finally, I started another Chris Jurd quilt because I had to. This one's called The Pickled Fish and has been The Best Excuse to use my boldest, maddest, baddest fabrics in clashingly uncoordinated ways and I have loved it.

It'll take me forever to individually upload the blocks I have made so far. So, here's one, followed by a badly lit group composition so you can see how far I have got. I am loving the process of making it.

Oh and one more thing. I'm slowly doing these blocks by hand. This is one of three I have made so far. All different of course 😀

Enough of an update for you? 😉


  1. What a glorious post full of beautiful work -- pickled fish is on my list for 2018 and I'm already gathering noisy fabrics in anticipation! (love your photographer's assistant - I need to find one who travels about a bit)

  2. Thank you so much for a fab update, I always really enjoy seeing what you and others have been doing for Soy Amado and haven't yet got Instagram sorted.

  3. Wonderful update, you have been busy! I love your 'pickle dishes', so scrappy and colourful.

  4. jolly awesome. Love all the knitting. Heaps of people still use and follow blogs!!

  5. Oh, my goodness! You have been busy.
    The Soy Amado quilts' comments had me laughing. I see using different sashing from the one Wendy sent as adding your personal touch and not being disorganised. I love Grannyjacks' simple but effective blocks, the mismatched socks and the clouds.
    And I thought I had slipped deep into knitting land. You have been a busy little knitter! The shop where I work on Fridays carries more than half of the yarns you mention, and they have been calling my name and trying to follow me home, so I have been trying to knit up leftovers from old projects so I can buy new yarn without guilt.

  6. I am usually a lurker but wanted to comment so you know there are still blog readers out there who don't 'do' Instagram much so thank you for catching us up. All your work is beautiful - love those fish and the contributions from Grannyjacks and others for Soy Amado are so bright and cheerful. Your knitting is gorgeous as well as prolific - you've made me want to knit scarves again :)

  7. Good to see no idle moments in your life Alison, lovely to catch up with the amazing Soy Amado quilts and your own individual quilt style, it's quirky and beautiful. Looks like you are enjoying your knitting too.x

  8. I was so glad to see your post. I was wondering what you have been up to. Oh my, what a wonderful quilt and craft show you gave us. I so loved seeing all the soy amdao quilts. To me, the scrappy ones are the best. Love your knitting too. Beautiful work. Oh, and the pickled fish. Those blocks are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing everything.

  9. I'm always happy to see your posts. I'm one of those people who doesn't do IG. Bloglovin' and gmail are as close as I get to social media of any kind.
    That pickle fish is amazing!! Actually, everything you do is amazing. Thanks for the update.

  10. Gorgeous productivity going on at your place! Loving all the quilts, and of course the Chris Jurd one. And your knitting! Wow! So much beauty and colour.

  11. Thanks for blogging....instragram is not about getting to know people and making is just about showing your stuff...ok..both are good. I love most everything you do....I am inspired..

  12. Wow, so many great quilts! I love your new projects. Thank you for showing us all the knitting and quilts!

  13. Just started following you on Instagram, thank you. Love the updates and still love your blog.

  14. Thank you for posting. Wonderful Soy Amado Quilts, and the colorful pickled fish, very nice and great color combination. I am currently knitting a lace scarf. Hope to be done soon. Stay busy and enjoy, Andrea

  15. I'm still reading. and # 113 is the bomb. Going to sort my 2 inch squares tomorrow and see what I can come up with. Thanks

  16. I'm still a reader too because your post are full of pretty things and you crack me up!

  17. Wow so impressed with your output Alison! That last block - I have made one of them and it's in a sampler quilt ! I think I did the straight bis on my machine and the curved bits by hand! Your piecing is impeccable. Also loving your eclectic version of the pickled fish

  18. I'm still a reader, too! And I'm glad, because your blog posts are always worth reading, this one especially!

  19. Of course I still read your blog! I'm not an Instgrammer but wouldn't want to miss whatever you are making. Thanks for posting!

  20. Ditto what Donna said.
    I don't do Instagram, so enjoy all computer updates!
    From my Galveston Island home, Thank you for all that you do from your Island home.

  21. What a marvellous post!!! All new photos to me as I'm not an Instagram person. Gorgeous Soy Amado quilts, all so different and lovely. I agree, Granny Jack's two quilts are great, so bright and colourful, just shows simple can be so effective. All your knitting projects look super. Love your latest hand sewn blocks.

  22. Yes, that was the perfect amount of loveliness! Your Soy Amado pictures should be part of the local travel and tourism promotion material! Gorgeous all around! And your knitting is so inspiring! So many lovely projects! I have a yarn store near me and the selection of soft, beautiful yarns motivated me to try this craft. Oh and those pickle fish blocks...yikes!!!

  23. I echo all of the loving, appreciative comments above, Alison. You are a treasure and your sharing with us and so many others, via your posts and IG photos, is a gift. Not to mention 119 Soy Amado quilts to date! <3 THANK YOU!!! I'm going to send you an email re: sending more blocks to you from the U.S. A.
    xo liz


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