Friday, 7 July 2017

Flying Geese...and other stuff

First up are these Flying Geese blocks which I made using Triangles on a Roll - foundation paper pieced for total accuracy. That is, until, I took the paper off and added the edge triangles and then I successfully managed to lob a few of the ends off.

Impressive huh?

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There's a very good video from The Fat Quarter Shop which clearly shows you how to assemble the block.

I have vaguely decided I'm doing some sort of rainbowish quilt and so far have made two blocks. They're a generous 17.5" each in size though, so it won't take many to make a decent sized quilt.

Then of course, I've made some more Soy Amado quilts.

No.'s 120, 121 and 122.

And there was a new delivery - this time to children in Entebbe, Uganda, who don't even have the basics of bedding.

I've continued to knit.

The pattern was chosen by youngest daughter who wanted something big and warm to wrap around her on beach summer evenings. It's called the Sick Day Half Pi Shawl (on Ravelry) and I'm knitting it in Wensleydale SheepShop Aran - purely because it was in a sale and I need to factor in teenagers leave things on beaches and it may become a casualty and I didn't want to spend oodles on it.

Regardless of that, one of the balls had a knot in it which manifested itself when I was half way across a row. I carried on which was a big mistake. The knot came undone and consequently so did my knitting. I was not hugely impressed.

This is now on hold though as the shawl has not been deemed big enough and the manufacturer isn't dying any for another month.

Which is ideal really because now I'm knitting the Bentley Cardigan in a gorgeous green from Sherwood Yarns.

And I also knitted a Border Ballad (again, all these patterns on Ravelry) in Amano Yarns Warmi.

Back on the quilting I took this long forgotten hand piecing and turned it into a sewing machine cover. It's called Vortex, requires you to cut out individual pieces with plastic templates and was quite interesting to do. I just got a bit bored of the limited colour palette I chose.

And I finally finished all the blocks for my Pickled Fish quilt and sewed them all together. There's still a border to come on this one though.

I really enjoyed selecting a disarray of fabrics for this one.

And that, for the moment, is that.


  1. Wonderful projects - you have been busy!

  2. I enjoyed seeing your projects as usual. Such wonderful use of color! Did you cut up Vortex to make a sewing machine cover or do you just throw it over your machine?

  3. Beautiful quilts and projects. Really enjoyed seeing the background you used in your Wild Goose Chase Block.

  4. I had a load of fun playing I-spy with your gorgeous Pickled Fish, spotting fabrics I've known, loved and used myself. It's lavishly brilliant! And I just wanted to say how glad I am you're back to blogging from time to time, as I don't do IG and miss seeing your work.

  5. WOW! Do you ever sleep? I love the quilts and knitting combo as I do both myself.

  6. Such a scrumptious read. Visual banquet. Lovely work. I really enjoy those scrappy soy amado quilts, they are full of joy. As are the littles with their new quilts. And your pickle fish is my favorite. Nice job, and knitting too. I just bought a knitting basics beginner book to refresh my rusted knitting skills. New grandbaby on the way. Since I (like you) have tons of time on my hands, lol. Happy Summer Sewing.

  7. Loving all of the colorful projects. A colorful kindred spirit I find in you. That sweet baby is beckoning me to bring her home. Keep doing all of the wonderful things you do.

  8. I love visiting your blog to enjoy your colorful quilts and your gorgeous on-site photo shoots.

  9. I love your site and come back often to see what you're up to. I absolutely LOVE your Pickled Fish!!!
    Could you tell me if you used pre-printed foundation papers or what you did use to maintain such wonderful accuracy?
    Thank You! Kimberley

  10. Always a pleasure to see what you've been up to.

  11. Always such a pleasure to see your latest lineup! I've been seeing that flying geese block around the internet lately and had thought to use it for a centerpiece on a new project. Such a classic look! As ever, your fabric selection is probably what I admire the most. Lovey work!

  12. Oh - where to begin! You have such a lot of lovlies in this post. First off, a lovely trio of Soy Amado quilts, these are going to be loved to bits! Like what you're dong with the Flying Geese in rainbow colours and 17.5" is a good size. Pickled Fish - I love this, lots and lots of different fabrics, is this the Chris Jurd pattern?

  13. What a great collection of lovely things you have made/are making! Love the Soy Amado finishes and those dear little children with their bright quilts are adorable.

  14. Your Soy Amado project is a wonderful thing and I would love to contribute a quilt - pulled out my orphan blocks and matching fabrics and am working on it now - 20 12-inch blocks in size. How do I get it to you?


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