Monday, 21 June 2010

Don't hang a quilt on a rose bush...

Bored with hanging quilts off half-finished kitchen units, I thought I'd venture outside into the garden and seductively hang a quilt from a climbing rose in full bloom.

Possibly not the right thing to have done. Took 10 seconds to throw it on the bush and 10 minutes to gently dislodge the quilt from all the thorns that were sticking into it.

Anyway, continuing with my pledge. This quilt came about because it was a fat quarter pack on sale (always attractive to me, the word 'sale') here. It was my first purchase of gorgeous Lecien fabrics and the feature fabric was a panel of squares of little French scenes (think Eiffel tower) with French writing. Definitely meant I was going to keep it simple and just cut up into squares.

However, when I started sewing the squares together it looked...well...just square really and didn't do anything for me. So, I decided to group the squares into blocks of nine (three rows of three) with the centre panel being one of the feature French squares. I then separated each block of nine with a thin line of white Kona.

The back was a complete act of randomness. I just strip pieced together all the left-over bits.

Having pieced it on a sewing machine, it then became a 'downstairs' quilt (see previous post for high-level explanation) and I hand-quilted it.

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  1. Ah ha, here it is! Love it :-) These squares will be calling to me..... Thanks again for the extra squares (I'd call them scraps but they are far too pretty)!


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