Monday, 28 June 2010

Well that was an embarrassment wasn't it...and I don't even particularly like football! Please feel free to make two conjunctive verbs from paid, performed, over and under ;-)

Moving on to this:
 I'm slightly cheating here because I made this last year before I had a blog but then we took it to the beach yesterday (to sit on primarily, not to pose on rocks you understand) and I realised I've never actually taken any photos of it.

It's just one jelly roll cut up and then sewn back together in a bento style...I think.

I think it looks a bit washed out in this photo above.
 That's a bit better colourwise I think.

Actually...this one is better...
 ....and here is the back...

And what do you think this is? Clue: it's not a raspberry!

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  1. Love the quilt, but especially love the new beachy header photo :-)
    Not a raspberry??? What the.....


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