Monday, 5 July 2010

My 'New Wave' quilt

Oh Fransson's New Wave quilts are popping up everywhere and each time I see one, I have one of those 'I want to make one of those' moments. I particularly like this one.

But I had a quilting dilemma. I wanted to use a rather groovy Michael Miller 'cow hide' flannel as the strip that divides each colour block but I didn't have enough. Solution: make the dividing lines 1" wide instead of the regular 2" wide.
I think it is such a great way to really show off fabric.

And actually, I think it looks better with the narrower strips because this particular fabric would have over -powered the others had it been double the width.

On the back, I just sewed together the left-over slivers from either end that you have to rotary cut off to give the quilt straight edges and appliqued them on. Plus, I added just a bit of a line of the cow-hide print, as well as using it for the binding.
Quilting was in all-over circles.

I think this just might be my favourite current quilt.

Postscript: I donated this quilt to our school 'fun day' raffle yesterday to raise funds for the school. When they were drawing the prizes at the end and the quilt was held up, one 11 year old boy was heard saying to another:"That's a well lame blanket."
H'mmmm ;-(


  1. What a fun quilt! Great idea to use a pattern for the stripping, it really does make it pop, and I agree, 2" would likely have been too much. The black and white looks great agains the fresh greens and pinks. Perfect as is- disregard 11 year old, please! I also have been drawn to this pattern, and have some Nicey Jane and solid grey set aside to make one for me, one of these days!

  2. Absolutely beautiful! I have not done any sewing for a few months...As soon as I get my new hip and go through rehab I am back to quilting. Again, a dynamic quilt.


  3. Oh, no! Too bad you heard that young lad's negative remarks. I think your new wave quilt is beautiful. I especially like that you used the cow hide print in a narrow width as it highlights and compliments the rest of the fabrics.


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