Wednesday 25 August 2010

How to win all the prizes in a quilt show

Well actually that's a bit of a distortion of the truth because it is in fact an 'agricultural and horticultural show' and I entered my quilts into the 'patchwork' section. Sorry, but I find that such an old-fashioned word. top tip for making sure that you do a clean sweep is to...

make sure that... one else has entered.

Simple huh?

So that is £5 for first prize, £3 for second and £2 for third. Festival of Quilts Birmingham, Houston, Paducah; eat your heart out.

Mind you, I bet none of those great quilt shows have their 'patchwork' section sharing marquee space with a pygmy goat (females must be dry and males neutered), three meringues on a plate and a partridge in a pear tree. Oh OK, well maybe not the partridge bit but definitely five dahlias, miniature decorative and most definitely not over four inches.


  1. Good going! Maybe I should enter one of my quilts in our county's little fair. I wouldn't mind sharing space with a goat!

  2. Too funny!! But don't sell yourself short, these are gorgeous:-)

  3. That's fantastic. Congratulations on your clean sweep!

  4. Being from a farm background where county fairs are STILL all the rage, this cracked me up! Whatever it takes, right? Great job! Congratulations!


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