Sunday, 1 August 2010

Remember this...?

Well I turned it into this...

No great design dilemmas on this one. I just didn't feel that going either complicated or small was going to show the fabric off to its best advantage. So it became circles and squares with some plain yellow, red and (almost plain) orange to 'calm' it down.

Binding was the 'hide' one I used on the previous but one post (New Wave quilt) as I felt I needed to pick the accent of the black birds out in the Tufted Tweets fabric but if I had used a solid black as a binding I felt that would be too harsh.

The back I knew I wanted to keep very simple after the busy front so I sewed the yellow and the red fabric together. I was going to leave it at that but then every time I looked at it I kept seeing the Spanish flag
Now there is nothing wrong with the Spanish flag per se...just not on the back of a Tufted Tweets quilt thank you. So another big design decision was made. Pick the three remaining circle Tufted Tweets off the floor, move the fabric a quarter turn so it becomes vertical rather than horizontal, ditch one of the red sides and finally, applique the circles to the back.

And random placement of the circles meant I didn't have to faff around measuring equi-distant amounts between each circle.

Quilting was a cross-hatch across the whole quilt. I used mono-filament on the front and a white on the back. Stitch length was 3.5 and I used a walking foot.

Now all I have to think about is what to do with these...

...and these!


  1. Very nicely done! Love the 3 circles on the back, they really pop.

    Saw you won some Fabric over at Lily's Quilts- good on you! Have fun with that :-)

  2. One of the most unique Tufted Tweets quilts I've seen! Lovely work!!

  3. That is one crazy quilt and I love it!! With yellow and red together you just can't go wrong! Great job.

  4. fabulous quilt! I love what you did with the cirles!


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