Wednesday, 18 September 2013

I gave...

My partner requested a Noodlehead Super Tote and said her favourite colour was purple.

You had to make a small item as well. These are also a Noodlehead pattern: the free Open Wide Zippered Pouch. I enjoyed making one so much, I made it in all three sizes.

And I received...

A lovely cushion with some wonderful finishing touches. The little label at the right hand side says 'laugh often' and the zipper pull on the back has a little metal bird on it.

A beautifully constructed pouch.

And the small thing with the pins sticking into it is a finger pin cushion which I happen to think is the bees knees. All made by the very talented Amy. Thank you again.

The Sew Sew Modern (Round 3)  swap on Flickr. 


  1. Nice swap makes - made and received!

  2. I really enjoyed making the cushion, organiser and pincushion ring for you!!!

  3. So many beautiful things, both you and your partner did very well in this swap.

  4. What beautiful items- sent and received!

  5. you gave lovely creations and also received some lovely gifts too


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