Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Soy Amado sewing, sewing and sewing

Let's bring you up-to-date on all the Soy Amado quilts.

No. 76 is anonymous - unless someone wants to shout up.
A very kind person keeps sending me beautifully constructed whole quilts like this every so often but there is no note in them.

They're called 'SK8' because that is the UK postcode on the parcels. If there's anyone in Stockport in the UK who is making these for me, I am really touched.

Then there is No. 77

No. 78

No. 79

No. 80 was another anonymous one from 'SK8'.

No. 81

No. 82, another anonymous 'SK8.'

Considering how windy it was, that was a pretty good shot.

No. 83

No. 84

This one was taken in the German Underground Hospital, a leftover relic from World War Two and now a visitor attraction.

Over a mile of tunnels underground.
Water seeping through the cracks.
A damp, depressing atmosphere.
Makes you think.

And No. 85

In between all that I've done a bunch of other sewing, including helping to run my first pillow/cushion cover swap on Instagram.

That's a post for later in the week.

I hope!


  1. Do you ever have time to sleep I wonder? Beautiful quilts as always. Lx

  2. A lovely collection of quilts. Well done to you, Alison, and to your kind donor SK8. Always amazing how such varied QAYG blocks work so well together and create gorgeous jilts.

  3. No wonder your blog has been a little quiet. Esther told me you were active on IG, so I wasn't unduly concerned, but wow, just LOOK at all these quilts. You cannot have stopped. So very impressive.

    1. Oh, I'm still here! I've also had a problem with comments not going to my email any more so I can't really reply.
      I'm working on working out how to sort it though!

  4. Beautiful quilts and I love the photos!

  5. Three cheers for the kindness of strangers, can't believe how many you have achieved now.

  6. What is your address? I have a scrap quilting class who I think would like to contribute blocks. Address please? Thank you. LeAnn

  7. S-o-o-o glad to see you back....
    awesome bunch of quilts....
    the SK8 ones are intriguing....someone wants to do a good thing without the glory... good on them!!!
    you....however, are just amazing!!!!
    missed you..

  8. You are so clever at putting together random donated blocks to make such wonderful treasures. And how wonderful for you to get parcels from SK8....(although I had a moment when I thought you were being text clever....'Skate'!!Lol! I've caught up now...doh!)

    Well done ladies xx

    Please email your address to as I'd like to donate to this wonderful project too.....thank you.

  9. *stands up and applauds the mysterious SK8* *also applauds Alison for all her hard work* Bravo!!

  10. I don"t know where you live but it must be a warm and sunny place to inspire the use of such vibrant brilliant colors and patterns in you. Lovely work!
    pam @

  11. Brava, Alison!! You are an inspiration and very talented lady!

    I still have an enormous stack of blocks in progress for you, all awaiting quilting. Postage from the US is so expensive... but I'm thrilled that you're still making the Soy Amado quilts and that I may be able to contribute another boatload of blocks for you at some point. right now I'm scrambling to complete a quilt for our local guild's Sept. quilt show - and it's been a few months since I've had a chance to use my sewing machine.


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