Monday, 7 June 2010

A girl can never have too many bags can she...?

This one I am thinking will be heading towards Daughter No.1's Year 6 teacher at the end of term...

...although I am sorely tempted to keep it myself... I may yet downgrade my generosity to a box of chocolates.

And this one...
 ...I thought was mine but Daughter No.1 thinks it is 'cool', so has already appropriated it for a sleepover.

Dear Mr Kitchen Fitter/Maker: Should you perchance be taking a break from what is the long and arduous task that appears to be our kitchen and instead are gaining a little light relief by reading this blog, I would like to bring the following to your attention:
  • On your website it says 'from consultation to completion in eight to twelve weeks.' We've been ready since January and although my maths is not brilliant I think that may be a tad longer than you have on your website.
  • It also says on your website that you make quality 'kithchens' What may I ask are they?
  • And it also says 'When we design your new kitchen, we will spend time with you assessing your own individual requirements.' To be honest, a fairly major requirement of ours was that we had it completed some time this year. I've loved staging my quilts and bags across half-finished units with no counter surfaces but it's starting to wear a bit thin now. Surely you could pop in some time this month and give us some work surfaces?
  • And I also see that every kitchen from XX XXXXX is unique . Would that be the lack of work surfaces that you are referring to or that half my knobs are missing, that some of the doors don't open (or shut) properly or the cracks that appeared in some of the doors you very helpfully used wood-filler in to patch up?
  • And it's very reassuring of you to put on your website 'you are making a substantial outlay and you will have to live with the end result for many years to come.' Believe you me, we have been living with the end result (no kitchen) since August last year. Eight more weeks and then it will be a year. 


    1. I just love that doggy fabric - I too have some and a made a lunch bag from it for my mum who has a Westie! sorry about your kitchen drama, its awful to be let down so, we've had a lot of problems with the developer we bought our new house from not finishing things when they said they would. Our garden is currently just mud, not even a fence, should have been sorted since Feb when we moved in.....

    2. Too good for the teacher definitely go for the chocolates! Both bags are stunning!

    3. Hi, I am just getting around to checking out the blogs of my fellow Bees from Fresh Modern Bee II - I love these bags and the quilts you have made especially the Amy Butler Love and I am so impressed that you did the Moda Sweet quilt by hand.

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