Monday, 21 June 2010


The last time I did two posts in one day it was to have a moan but this time it is to admit to having succumbed to buying some fabric full price as soon as it appeared. A big thing for me, I normally, always, pretty much most of the time, go trawling through the sale section of fabric websites. But this was different, love at first sight. So I rather rashly sensibly bought  a half yard of the whole range in all the colours. Look at this...

 ...and these...

...and this.

No idea what I am going to do with them just yet but then that is not the point, is it?

I bought from here but for those of us this side of the pond, Mandy is going to stock this line too.
Definitely my latest favourite fabric line until my next OMG moment.


  1. I love that I am not the only one who does this...falls in love, and must have it ALL. I did that with the Anna Maria Horner Little Folks line recently. It is still folded up and in the box, I just leave it on my desk so I can walk by it several times a day and admire! It will become a quilt eventually, but for now, I am happy just to look at it. Enjoy your splurge!

  2. I so love this fabric too and it will be a must have!! seamstar will also be stocking it very soon here in the UK


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