Saturday, 19 March 2011

I like it...

...but I don't love it.

The trouble with stashing fabric is that when I finally get around to using it, my tastes have changed and I'm not even sure if I like it any more.

I also think my short love affair with jelly rolls is coming to an end. While I think they are a good 'grab and go' way of quickly putting a quilt together; for me at least, I think half the fun is choosing the combination of colours and styles of fabric that make up a quilt. By using a jelly roll I feel I have reverted back to painting by numbers.

This quilt came about because I acquired a ruler and there seemed to be so many pattern possibilities that I was itching to have a go. And there was a jelly roll gathering dust that needed to be used up. I strip pieced three jelly roll pieces together for each block, added in some Essex linen in Natural and then tested out the ruler.

I like the pattern it makes -  I just feel I have made a very safe and possibly boring (for me) quilt.

However, I shall reserve final judgement for when it is quilted!


  1. I know what you mean about tastes changing - I really need to start using some of my stashed fabric so that this doesn't happen. I like the wonkiness in this quilt pattern and I think that quilting really makes a quilt so you may grow to love it. (I really went off my sampler quilt when finishing it but am using it on my sofa for the last week and its really grown on me).

  2. I think it looks nice and I bet you change your mind after quilting it.

    I so know what you mean about tastes changing. I seem to have a cupboard of fabric that I look st now and only really like a little bit of. I have a tendency to buy fabric when it's on sale for a really good deal at my local quilt shop. Even if I don't really care for it. I need to stop doing that! What I really hate is when I start a quilt along with something that I'm not crazy about or like at the time then my taste changes and then I have no desire to continue! I have one of those now that I've finally decided I'm offering it up for grabs next week.

  3. Never say die until the quilting is complete! The wonkiness saves it from being boring, it is very unexpected with these more "traditional" looking fabrics.

    Are those your dogs in the header?

  4. I agree with Kristie... the wonkiness makes it. When it's quilted I bet you will like it lot better. :)


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