Wednesday 2 March 2011

Spring has sprung...

...well it has in this part of the world anyway...

And so with spring colours in mind, I dug out a selection of fresh greens to make a quilt.

Up until this point I'd never made a half-square triangle quilt. And I keep seeing these really good tutorials popping up on how to make them. I'm not going to repeat them here because there are so many good examples out there already. This is what I came up with:

Just to make it a bit different, in three random places I put larger half-square triangles, using some Amy Butler Soul Blossoms fabric. I think randomness is not my forte though as looking at this image, I've just spotted the same two pieces of the same fabric, one underneath the other. Was not what I intended!

The contrast plain fabric is Kona White.

And then I discovered there was an easy way to make quarter square triangles and so I tested that method out with a small strip on the back.
I used Kona Artichoke as the backing fabric.

Quilting was done in straight lines, either side of the seams, forming the grid pattern you can see. I used a lime green thread in the top and a variegated green in the bobbin

I see more half-square triangles in the future!

Spring has sprung.


  1. Thats a beautiful quilt, love the change in scale with the three large triangles. I love all the greens, very spring like.

  2. Just a lovely quilt. Your colors are gorgeous. I love the color on the back and the strip of triangles. I like the larger triangles as well. I just finished a quilt with half square triangles - almost foolproof.


  3. Beautiful! I love the larger triangles. I have been meaning to make a quilt like this for ages (in blue and white) but all of the HST scare me off. I just need to bite the bullet. :) The quilting looks so crisp and classy too.

  4. Boo! Hiss! Where is all the snow??? Must I suffer alone? I might feel better if you mail that spring-y quilt right on over here......

    LOVE the green (which normally is not my favorite), LOVE the triangles and love the change of scale as well. Awesome. HST now on my list!

  5. very sweet. and fresh. and you shouldn't have told us about the same fabrics in a row. no one, not even us, would have noticed.
    best to you...

  6. This looks great - I really like half square triangle quilts and love the addition of the larger triangles.

  7. This is really cute! I just randomly started messing around with HST for the first time last night.... thank you for your 'easy way' youtube link!

  8. I love this quilt, and what gorgeous colors! I am not very good at HST's yet...I can never get my points to match up properly!


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