Wednesday, 16 March 2011

When I die

A work colleague's mother died recently.

I never knew her.

He came into work last week and said he knew I liked 'sewing' and please would I take his mother's sewing things. He thought his mother would like to know that her things had been put to good use.
Apart from two small bags of wool, there was just this:

Her sewing life all neatly packed up into one small plastic container.

It did get me thinking.

Unless I seriously reduce my hours of sleep and up my productivity, when I die they'll have to close the roads around our house, as an articulated lorry under police escort arrives for my 'stuff'.

In the meantime, I am definitely heartened that others are also unable to put their quilting life in to just the one box ;-)


  1. that is almost funny ;) she obviously had other hobbies! There are 2 newbie sewers in our house and we have already both purchased extra storage for sewing stuff!

  2. I am a fabriholic! If that it not a word it needs to be. Just because I did not win in your giveaway I then had to buy my own fabrics!
    Oh dear, not very disciplined am I!

    However I have just finished making a Tudor costume for my daughter from non-quilt fabric in my hoard (yes I have lots of that sort of fabric too) and she is wearing it and attending a feast today at school! What fun!


  3. Was she a quilter? It doesn't seem likely...that's a mending can fix stuff with it, but every time I think quilter...I think stash.

    I do think for me it's important to start working through some of my stash...It's confined to about four not terrible...and one box is mostly scrappy pieces.

    Does make you think. =)

  4. I'm kind of sad. Appreciative that her son wanted these things to be used, but that mending kit seems so small and out of place.

  5. How touching that the son could not just throw it away. I try to keep my stash and supplies organized but it is a battle.


  6. LOL! Oh, sorry. Not nice after just hearing about a death. But your description of the lorry arriving at your house made me laugh.
    How wonderful that your co-worker thought of you when parting with his mother's 'sewing'.

  7. I think it is so sweet that he wanted his mother's sewing things to go to someone who would appreciate and use them. I agree she must not have been a quilter, they will need to deliver a huge container to my house when I croak!

  8. It was a nice gesture on behalf of your colleague. I think that's a mending kit - sewing essentials that people who repair the odd fallen hem or sew a button has rather than a proper sewing kit. I guess the tragedy if I died is my family don't get the whole sewing thing so I can imagine certain members just binning my stash - having no idea how much money is tied up in it!

  9. Wow, the topic of your death generates a lot of comments!

    Send that lorry on to my place when you are done with it, eh? Guilty :-) I have STOPPED buying full lines for now, am only permitted to get individual bits and pieces "as needed"- thank goodness this is a broad term. But what I really need is more hours in a day!

  10. Aaw, bless his wee heart! Although, yeah, I've had more "sewing stuff" than that since I was twelve!

  11. Wow!... I think that I would be in the same situation as you.... they would have to bring in a big truck to haul my stuff off. :)

  12. A lace-making acquitance of my mum's died a few years ago and her husband asked mum & a friend to go through his wife's stuff. She had a wardwrobe stuffed full of knitting stuff and another which had sewing stuff. I got her linen & cotton threads, which included the perle threads I was giving away on blog back in May, and I got some of the fabrics she had 'stashed' away.


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