Saturday, 6 August 2011

An old-fashioned giveaway

Why is it old-fashioned?

Because I'm not asking you to:
  • become a follower
  • 'like' me on Facebook (I have no idea what that actually means as I'm not on Facebook but I've seen it so many times it must be something really good). Actually that's a bit of a lie because I did join Facebook so I could see work colleagues' photos when they were doing their round the world trip. As soon as they came back, I closed my Facebook account but two years on I still get the odd friend request (odd as in 'numbers' and not odd as in 'strange'...although they may well be). I need to work out why I think it's closed and Facebook thinks it isn't
  • Tweet about this, or is it Twitter. Don't know, not on that either. ( This is certainly food for thought)
  • Go some place else, note the first thing that appears on your screen and then come back here and tell me it is your most fave thing ever
  • sign up some place else for a newsletter that as soon as the giveaway is over you'll unsubscribe from anyway
  • blog about it

Errr, no, just leave me a comment letting me know what new (to you) quilty website you've found in recent weeks that you really enjoy and you'd like to point me in the direction of.

In return, if anyone is interested I have

Given to me as a gift, I have flicked through it but it's just a bit too abstract for me. In my mind I think I'd like to be abstract but in reality I think I'm a modern traditionalist (if that's not an oxymoron). If you want to find out more about it, there are a couple of good reviews here and Yoshiko Jinzenji has her own website if you want to get a feel for her style.

This was also a gift that has sat on my quilt book shelf gathering dust and is looking for a new home:

Historical quilt stories intertwined with hints and tips - a bit of light bed-time reading for you.

Then for the knitters among you:
According to the blurb 'over thirty five knitting designs for babies and children up to twelve years.' I made one and it gets worn in bed only by the eldest daughter. I think I know why.

And finally, there is this:
I bought the whole chuffin book just to make that tank top thingy on the front cover, salivated over the prospect (salivated with toothpaste in my mouth clearly, as that's a toothpaste splat on the ribbing by the way but I've wiped it off) and then never did anything about it. I know I'm not going to, so am giving this one away too. This book has over 60 designs with a roll-call of  21 designers contributing to the patterns.

If you're interested, the odds are most definitely in your favour as my giveaways are the stuff of legends. First one I did was a toss up between two people and in the end I sent them both something. By the time I did the second one word had got out and there were seven entrants.
It all went a bit pear-shaped with my third giveaway with over 100 comments but that was because it was done in conjunction with SewFreshFabrics. So then I got all cocky and did this giveaway but it didn't quite hit the heights of the 100 + one which I'm still smarting about.

So...if you've made it this far.
A recap.
Link to a quilty website that you enjoy and think I would too.
If you're interested in the first book, include the word 'abstract', second book 'zen', third book 'Rowan kids', fourth book 'Rowan toothpaste' and 'don't mind' if you'd be genuinely happy to receive any of the above books and are not intent on flogging them on Ebay afterwards (several of the Rowan toothpaste ones are on Ebay at the moment for around £3.50 each so you won't exactly be retiring on the proceeds).

That's it. I'll leave you with a quilt block I made today for Renee of Nellies Niceties for her month in Fresh Modern Bee II. A good idea on paper but had I known it all ended with 24 points coming together, I may have thought twice.


PS. I'll keep the giveaway open until Friday 12 August 2011,  midday Little Island time.


  1. I'd love the Rowan Junior book. I don't knit but I love to send new patterns and the yarn to my Oma to knit for me. She loves getting new patterns, and I love getting some custom 'Oma sweaters' for my kids. I was looking for a pattern for my oldest daughter recently, and came accross and also found some cute patterns on I ended up settling on this pattern, and it turned out beautiful!

  2. Oh thank goodness...LOVE LOVE the old fashioned giveaway...when I had my 100th post giveaway I did exactly the same thing...I want people to follow me because they find what I say or do vaguely interesting..anyways, according to one of my lovely bloggy friends who you `know`, No.1 never wins but hey ho, I would love your ABSTRACT book. My quilt blog recommendation is Katie teaches amazing quilt classes (unfortunately in Seattle), makes lovely modern and bright quilts and gives tips and tutorials and is just great! Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. You crack me up. And that article is disturbing. And I feel uncomfortable going to the local modern quilt guild because I like traditional stuff too. And I would like some zen but don't want you to have to ship it. And I just wanted to say hi! :)

  4. Wow what a great block!
    Nellies Niceties is a blog I've recently found! is a great blog I've recently found
    Could I throw my hat in for 'abstract' and 'zen' please?

  5. I'm defonately an abstract person and this is one of my favorite blogs:

  6. Let me begin by drooling a bit over that block - wowza! I looked at your blogroll and a couple that I would have named are already there, so I think I will recommend Mari at She does some very modern quilt as you go pieces. I think you will like her blog. Yours is the kind of giveaway I do on my blog, too - I hate jumping through hoops and I don't like to ask anyone else to do it for me. For me, I would have to say Abstract, followed by Zen. I don't knit, alas. Thanks for the old-fashioned chance!

  7. you must know about this site by now but if not, it's a lovely bit of mostly daily quilty eye candy -
    abstract me, please!

  8. Well, I don't know if you are interested in shopping sites, but I used for the first time this week. They have a big choice of bargain fabrics and delivery was very quick.
    For me 'don't mind'.

  9. oooh zen if its me please, looks like an interesting read! cant think of any pages you wont have seen given I tend to find most thru brit quilt and Lilys quilts!

  10. Just popping in to say I love that block! But don't send me any books, my to-do list is too long already and I would feel guilty if I won another of your giveaways and then need a therapist and that would cost me more than buying my own books (and I just bought 2 on my holiday).

    I am going to send you to meet Shay....some quilting but mostly for a good laugh.

  11. Not joining in the giveaway but just wanted to say that despite the problems it sure is a beautiful block! Well done!

  12. Well, I can't remember where I got your blog link but it is one I faithfully read. I have a "blog" only to keep track of the blogs I read. Dont laugh. It works for me. I'll link you there and you can see if I have some that you haven't seen. Zen is wonderful but I have a good friend who is a knitter so that would work too. I have Abstract from the library and it is a bit over my head too.

  13. I just found Fabric Seeds blog and online store and got a Hometown by Sweetwater fat quarter bundle for $87!!! 38 fat quarters on sale from $122. I was so excited. Here is the link
    I can be kind of abstract, so I think I would like that book but I can be Zen too, so whichever one you think would be great. Thanks!

  14. I Love that quilt block! 24 points coming together sounds daunting to say the least :)
    I think Abstract would be my top pick but really would be happy to drool over any of your lovely giveaway prizes.
    I'm pointing you in the direction of Madame Samm:

    It's a little crazy over there at the moment with the 'Wantobe Quilter' campaign and 5 giveaways a week for the next 12 weeks! There are always a lot of inspirational guest posters to be found and fun :)

  15. Congratulations on reaching such a huge milestone.
    Thanks for the opportunity to actually add my first modern quilting book to my lil' teeny library. Here is a somewhat new to me blog that is more traditional in their quilting approach.

  16. I've found iCandyhandmade.blogspot recently. Not quilty stuff, but lots of free tutorials that I liked.

    Abstract! Definitely! Looks really cool!

  17. I have added quite a few blogs to my reading list in the past week but here is one that is Australian and a little bit different:


  18. I think the Quilting Line 7 Color book looks cute! Who might be too abstract for me, but I like the cover quilt a lot :)

  19. What a fun giveaway! I'd love to give your Abstract book a home, if I was lucky enough to win.
    Your yellow and grey block is really something special. Love the movement!

    Here's a couple blogs:

  20. Love your quilt block but it does look HARD! One of my favorite blogs is Stray Stitches!She usually has odd facts about the particular day, a good quote, info about block swaps, on Wednesday a hexagon flower block (always unusual!) and frequently info about giveaways. You do not want to miss this blog! Oh, almost forgot -- Zen!

  21. I love books and old fashioned give aways. I think you would enjoy Marci at Not sure you want to send a book all the way to me, but if you did I would like all but the first one as I already have it.

  22. Oooh, I'm interested in the abstract book!
    A new quilty goodness website, that's hard. I'm new to quilting and i keep discovering more and more websites but whenever i think mmm lovely site, everyone already knows about it. I do like 'cluck cluck sew' though, and 'kate conklin designs'.

  23. The abstract book is so my style! I really love modern minimalist quilts. I am new to quilting, but have been finding so many great modern quilting sites. I really like oh fransson, jaybird quilts, and freshly pieced.
    I love that you are not asking us to do 5 different things to enter the giveaway. Thanks for keeping it simple!

  24. the abstract quilting book looks wonderful! but it is definitely up my alley lately, i have been liking the move in that direction. my fave new (to me) quilting site is fresh lemons quilts, i love her patterns!

  25. Hilarious post! No flies on you! I recently discovered this blog

    because of the gorgeous storage baskets I'd like to make sometime. Not sure if it's your sort of thing. I'd love to look at your abstract quilts book (I'm not a knitter though!).

    And once again, your bee block is stunning! Jxo

  26. OH my gosh. I am HOWLING!! Too flippin funny! I can so identify with your giveaway history! LOL! Just having experienced my third, maybe fourth one.. and telling my husband, wow.. I have 8 whole entries! Very humbling indeed! :D So your stuff of legends had me in tears! And then you had to go and do the toothpaste schtick. ROFL. Thanks for a great laugh today! I would LOVE to enter for the abstract book! I've not seen that one before, and it sounds right up my alley. As to new sites, I was going to reccomend blueelephantstitches, and tallgrass, but looks like you have them already. I found bluechair last week also. So.. i really have nothing that you don't already have on your sidebar! :( Looking forward to seeing what everyone else reccomended! Might pick up a few new faves too! Blessings, Brenis ;)
    (sorry google is being retarded and not letting me sign in. My blog is


    This site I just found about 2 days ago and I love the hst tut she has. I've seen the 2 in 1 sq one but hers is 4 in 1 and its looks so easy I have to try it.

    Thanks for sharing some reading materials with us. I would really like to see the abstract one. The thing I love most about abstract is (-)space, love it.

    Thanks again :)

  28. I have just discovered It's a forum and the people are so warm and supportive. If you ever post anything on there, you will get such a huge response that it will keep you coming back for more!!
    Oh, and I like the abstract book!

  29. this is one of the most interesting Giveaways I READ in the last weeks.
    You should write a triller! You certainly have a way of keeping us scrolling down...

    I'd love the book Zen and thhe Art of Quilting.
    Great giveaway by all means.

  30. Alright! I love the old fashioned way too! I am going to check into the links that others have posted. There are a few quilt sights that I love to regularly check and here is a favorite:
    Hope you check it out!!

  31. Oopsies... I forgot to tell you which book I am interested in and that would be Abstract. Thanks again!

  32. Great post and I love the fan block - wonderful! I follow far too many blogs but I've recently stumbled across and a long-time favourite is (and, of course, the wonderful Lynne at Lily's quilts!). Thank you for the giveaway - I'd be thrilled to own the zen book!

  33. Thanks for the UNCOMPLICATED giveaway.
    Zen and the Art of Quilting looks very interesting.
    It's not new to me but I love I go there alot when I get hung up on how to do something or to get neat ideas. (and not just for quilting)

  34. Oh my! All those seams coming together would have put me over the edge! When I get overwhelmed with something tricky, I like to follow up with something simple. This week, that was a Ticker Tape quilt (you can see on my blog if you are interested) for which I got instructions at Thanks for the chance to win Zen - I enjoy reading a bit of quilt history in bed.

  35. I have really enjoyed It is a great blog.
    yanuzo at hotmail dot com

  36. You quilty blog is 'new' to me....grin. I love your block. That looks sooooo hard.

  37. You are hilarious! I just found your blog via the FTLOS swap on flickr. I, too, prefer the old-fashioned giveaway. I'm amazed with your newest quilt block. It blows my mind!

    If I win the giveaway, I would pick abstract or toothpaste. :)

    Oh, and a quilty site I love is:

  38. You may like

    I would like abstract if I won.

  39. I would love to try that block and I hope you'll let me know where to find the pattern. If you made it up - well, how wonderful! I would be interested in either of the first two books. I don't have any new links to suggest but one of my current favourite people to listen to ramblings from is Or maybe it is just that I LOVE the quilt on her header.

  40. Abstract :)
    You probably already know about her but I really like Nova's blog
    Each time I read one of her posts I'm always inspired to try making whatever it is she's just made.

  41. I have been wishing for the Quilting: Line and Color book, so I'm glad I found my way to your site.

    It's not a secret, but the blog to which I return again and again is Lily's Quilts. I love the attitude and the creations and she's just a really nice person, who responds incredibly frequently to comments, in emails in which her personality shines through. Here's the addy:

    Thanks for the giveaway.

    wordygirl at earthlink dot net

  42. OMG...that block is so cute. I would like to suggest that you check out

    I am a novice quilter, but an avid knitter. I would love to win the "Rowan Kids" book. Thank you for another great giveaway!

    Take care and good luck to all!

  43. I'm a big fan of Elizabeth Hartman's blog -

    I love the abstract book...thanks for the chance!


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