Monday, 15 August 2011


...I can report back that it is entirely possible to almost complete a simple quilt in one day. It does help if husband is away, kids watch two Pirates of the Caribbean DVDs back to back, the phone rings and goes to the answering machine and little of note is produced from the kitchen.

Quilting was done with a walking foot, producing approximately three inch gridded squares.
To get a grid pattern going, first I marked a vertical line with tailors chalk and a ruler down the centre of the quilt. I used this as my first guide line and then subsequent guide lines were achieved with the metal bar that came with my machine's walking foot. You can see the metal bar in the image below.

I actually enjoyed this bit. The sun was streaming through the window, I had my sunglasses on and I could have been a pirate in the Caribbean myself.

Et voila.

I used a dotty grey fabric for the binding.

The back is what I had left over from my previous Woof Woof quilt along with some Kona cotton in a shade of blue I can't remember but could find out if you are desperate to know.

I'm also enjoying using crossweaves and shot cottons to give a softer 'solids' look to the quilt. The green is a Moda crossweave and I think the dark grey is too.

It's going to sit quietly in a corner now, waiting for a new owner to make his entrance into the world.


  1. It's looking fantastic! A little boy is going to be very lucky to receive it :)
    I love the way you've quilted it too

  2. The grid quilting is fabulous and very traffic appropriate. Lovely!

  3. I have been known to use the powers of the Pirates of the Caribbean to create a little peace and quiet too. Works wonders. Love the grid system you quilted. Looks lovely.

  4. This is lovely! It's so satisfying to finish something all in one go (finish something at all some times!)

    BTW I keep meaning to mention I love all your different blog header photos!

  5. WOW! Your quilting is awesome! So straight and so perfect. It gives a lot of "character" to this quilt.

  6. Love it!

    Just so you anticipated fabric has arrived just now as I went home on my lunch hour. Will be slashing it up soon and get back to quilting to keep you happy! ;)

  7. Great layout and quilting!! And that green is just lusciously vibrant!

  8. It's lovely. Great quilting too!

  9. That grid works so well with the vehicles but they are not grid locked! Lucky them!

  10. The quilting is great for this design and it sounds like it was a fun day doing it.


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