Sunday, 14 August 2011

Woof Woof Part II

Part I is here

It's all very well thinking you'll keep up with your intended quilt giving when people announce Little Island babies are on the way.

However, it must have been a Very Merry Christmas for some as I have a slew of quilts I need to get done by September.

And by my self-imposed deadlines, I am behind.

So...I whipped this one up this morning on the basis I never have any 'boy' quilts tucked away to produce at the appropriate moment.

It was windy this morning.

I tried...

We tried...

And then we sought non-windy photo opportunities.

How tempted do you think I was to say 'forward, just a bit more'?


  1. That would have been very naughty - but funny! Great quilt - I am sure the boy will love it! I have just bought some French 2CV fabric to make a boy quilt - hadn't thought of making roads but what fun for an older boy to play with his cars..

  2. Oh this is great - a real boy quilt! Love today`s header.

  3. Love the series of photos, and the quilt too. My two would have jumped in the pool without any incentive at all.

  4. Super cute (as all your quilts are!) And I love all the shots from your windy day photo shoot! The roads are fantastic and the little single trucks in traffic are darling.

  5. I am actually surprised they didn't jump right in! Mine would have a hard time resisting ;)

    Very cute top, looks like roadways! Love the weave grey solid in there.

  6. Perfect Boy Quilt!

    My mom was a September/Christmas baby and her brother was a Valentines Day baby. :)

  7. Love that quilt, and I'm loving the header today too :)

  8. But then your quilt would have gotten wet! LOL

    It's so cute - I love it! (Goes well with the green of the billiard table too!)


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