Saturday, 28 July 2012

The Camelot Quilt - all blocks complete

So to get the Camelot Quilt from the square 4 x 4 block setting,  I needed to add another four blocks which I decided I'd have a go at designing myself.

I used DrawBerry (a free vector drawing app for Macs) to play around with designs. When it came time to putting them into the correct template size I'm afraid I reverted to paper, pencil and a compass as the block size is bigger than A3 and therefore (for me) not printable.

I only drew the one circle (actually, I didn't draw any circle, my husband did, otherwise I'd have been all over the shop) and then each time I changed the design, rubbed out the lines and started again.

And so we have.

Block 17

Block 18

Block 19

And Block 20.

Some work and some don't. But that's fine. Some will have starring roles and others will be happy to be supporting.

I've had quite a few people asking me what background fabric I am going to be using.
Well it was never going to be a plain solid.

I've narrowed it down to the following two. Just waiting for them to arrive and then I'll decide.

What do you think?


Images courtesy of Hancocks of Paducah


  1. Wow! These are awesome - and you are a superstar for creating these extra blocks - I think they all look great!

  2. Flipping amazing!!! I love your new blocks and can't wait to see which background you choose, I think they'd both look amazing!

  3. Incredible! How are your eyes? Tough decision on the background. I'm drawn to the black and white because I think the blocks will stand out but the floral is just such a complement. i am so looking forward to your choice! Take care, Byrd

  4. aren't you the clever one! They are so amazing and the fabrics are fantastic! You must have quite the stash! I'd like to see some of the blocks layed out on the black and white print. Could be interesting : )

  5. These are beautiful.Can´t wait to see which fabric did you choose.

    Happy sewing!!

  6. I've been loving seeing these blocks pop up on your blog, and I think the ones you've designed yourself are great! I'm seriously tempted to give the pattern a try!
    I think I'd go with the second fabric, but either would look great. Can't wait to see it when you next show us :)

  7. Love the new blocks you designed, looking forward to seeing them on a background, I never expected you would choose a plain solid! B

  8. those are amazing - it's going to be completely fabulous!

  9. I am so in love with your blocks, this will be an awesome quilt. I look forward to seeing which one you pick, I really love the summersville fabric, I hope it works.

  10. Wow they're gorgeous - can't wait to see which fabric you decide to go with background wise and think adding your own personal touch with a block of your own is a great idea.

  11. I think you will just have to wait until they come, open them out, lay the blocks on them and see what sings to you. What a tremendous amount of work.

  12. Oh my goodness how clever are you? Designing your own blocks! Block 19 is amazing and I would love a quilt made just with block 19. I need to see the blocks with the background fabrics - my brain can`t work it out for itself. Doh.

  13. i love your devil may care blocks! i think either background will be awesome.

  14. im so glad i found you!! these are the coolest blocks ever!! not sure on which background, when they arrive maybe post them with the blocks on top?


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