Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Private swapping

When I joined Instagram a year ago, it was primarily to reach more people to help me with my Soy Amado project.

As the weeks went by though, I did start looking at what other people were up to and there was one person in particular whose feed kept catching my eye. She is called imasavonasac  and I just love her use of colour and the original shapes she designs and sews together.

So back end of last year I asked her if she'd be interested in doing a private pillow/cushion swap and she said yes.

Fast forward to the last 10 days and we swapped. There may also have been chocolate involved and on my part at least, it is no longer around for documentary evidence.

I made this.

And received this in return.

We like pretty much the same kinds of fabrics and although I have most of them used in the cushion, I would never have put them together the way she did. I find it really different and creative and I love it.

I would definitely recommend this kind of craft swapping. If you admire someone's work, just go ahead and ask. I think it works better than taking part in a blind group swap where your partners are assigned for you. Sometimes I have struggled to fully 'get' what I think my partner would like and, I am sure, vice versa.

On this occasion, it was definitely a win-win.

Thank you Sami for a great swap.


  1. Both cushions are just amazing - I love them.

  2. I agree - both pillows are fabulous! I'm not surprised that you've made private swap. I love Sami's works too:) (yours too, but this you already know:D)

  3. Both beautiful cushions! I recently was asked to do a scrap swap privately and it worked really well. Still got loads of scraps though ;)

  4. Wow they are such gorgeous cushions!! Such a lovely idea to do a private swap and a great way to get to get to know someone a bit better too.

  5. Two gorgeous pillows you certainly chose the right person for your private swap.

  6. Love the Gabri combinations on both cushions!


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