Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Soy Amado No. 59

I had a one-legged quilt holder upper to help me with No. 59. It's quite a rarity to spot this endangered species in the wild these days.

Unfortunately, this is as good as it gets for No. 59.

Quite possibly the worst photos I have ever taken of a Soy Amado quilt.

So bad, I decided I'd give it another airing on the washing line to see if I could get better pictures.

But then I realised this and several other quilts have already been bundled up and started their long journey to Mexico City.

Which I'd like to think is the bigger and better picture anyway.


  1. You are really motoring again with your Soy Amado quilts. Another one finished and to be enjoyed by a child who will treasure it.

  2. I have found some enthousiastic teenagers at school to come and quilt with me! They want to make a soy amando quilt too!
    esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo dot com

  3. Fun photos even if the wind did not cooperate with you!

  4. Hilarious. Fancy spotting a one legged quilt holder and being able to capture a photograph! I like the feeling of movement and airiness of your photography, it still captures the spirit of the quilt and the joy of giving. Well done and thank you for your generous spirit.

  5. The generosity of your time is humbling. These quilts are so bright and happy, the children probably adore them.:)

  6. I think these photos are beautiful...the gorgeously blue sky and yet another wonderful blue shade of water and the wind billowing and blowing along with the one legged quilt holder.
    You and the quilts are magic and inspiring. Thank you for all you do and for sharing so much.
    The sky here in Chicago is finally a faint blue and the sun is trying to come out, but still have lots of snow on the ground with some patches of grass showing through.

  7. A one-legged quilt holder upper is rare but even rarer* is the green variety of the species. I see that later in your post you've managed to gather both a right-footed and a left-footed green one-legged quilt holder upper in one place - bravo!

    *Cue internal debate between 'rarer' and 'more rare' before settling on 'rarer'. Hope I don't later regret that decision!

  8. rarer...more rare....... rarest.....yup.... it's worth a debate....
    but here in little island we have quilt holder uppers so all is good!!

    i thought the same of the one legged quilt holder upper.... but it's a test to us, to see if we paid attention..
    then...lo & behold the left footed quilt holder upper joined in... and all was well again!!!

    amazing work you do with your soy amado!!!

  9. Yep, that looks breezy! But I can still spot two of mine in there - hurrah! These all look fantastic, you do such good work with them.


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