Saturday, 21 March 2015

Soy Amado No. 62

It's March winds here so the chances of me giving you a half decent coastal quilt shot are fairly remote at the moment.

But you deserve more than my washing line.

So we ventured out to the relative shelter of the small nature reserve down the lane and came up with this for you.

I was reduced to quilt holding upping duties and The Photographer's Assistant took charge so the eye was not always on the correct ball.

And the back.

Now just as we were leaving, I spotted an island speciality: the so called Hedge Veg stall.

They're dotted all over the place and come in all shapes and sizes and are used to sell people's excess produce. Money is left in the honesty box and off you go.

Sadly. a small minority of people 'off you go' without paying or even taking the money box with them.

Which has resulted in some of the bigger Hedge Veg stalls having to install CCTV cameras and some of the smaller stalls closing altogether.

Hedge Veg stalls also used to be a good way for some of the larger commercial scale growers to sell some of the export products to the local market - we get our tomatoes this way each year. During the 1970s, Guernsey was exporting nine million trays of tomatoes a year.

However, the island has slowly been pushed out by cheaper markets and many of the once thriving greenhouses now look like this.

Hello camera shop, I paid you £25 to service my camera and remove that annoying piece of fluff in the sky
It has had to diversify and is now the largest producer of clematis in the world but is still littered with once thriving greenhouses, now falling into eery disrepair.

Anyway, I'm wandering off track, this is Soy Amado No. 62


  1. Nice buds in the coppice! Great quilt for an excellent cause. It looks bright and cheerful and filled with care even when serving as a backdrop for the branches.

  2. I really like this quilt, and also the last one. Brown is one of my favortie colors. Each quilt is so unique and will be well loved no matter what color.

  3. Love this very colorful quilt. So much fun. Those mushrooms are amazing and what a shame that people can't just enjoy the opportunity to purchase really great produce at what I am sure is an excellent price. We have a few of these in Maryland, mostly just the excess tomatoes from private gardens but I'm always thrilled at the opportunity to get them as they are so much better than what is available at the grocery. Clematis? Love those and had no idea where they were produced.

  4. I love hearing about Guernsey life. My one and only childhood holiday was there (we were farmers, so holidays were rare)- we got the ferry from Torquay! I remember the tomato museum well.

  5. I've been so inspired by all you do that I have taken your concept of giving back to the community and have (with donated quilt blocks), made 6 quilts for a cause. It feels so good.

  6. I love that quilt! I also love the Hedge Veg stalls and am shocked that some people don't pay but take away - I hope that the gorgeous veg turns to ashes in their mouths as they definitely don't deserve to enjoy it. The greenhouses look so sad, it's such a shame that they can't be used in some way...

  7. I love to read and see your island. Are you in need of more squares?

  8. I love this quilt! The colors are a gorgeous riot. We also have some dilapidated abandoned greenhouses in our area. It always makes me sad to see them when you think of what theirjpurpose once was. Where my daughters live a former pro basketball player has started an inner city garden and greenhouse. It makes me smile every time we drive by it.

  9. There's some gorgeous sail boats in one of those blocks that I have spent a while trying to track down a while ago! It's a very happy quilt :)

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  11. Great photos and I love the bright vibrant quilt.


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